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Fosse/Verdon  @FXNetworks’ limited series #FosseVerdonFX is a story of the singular romantic and creative partnership between Bob Fosse & Gwen Verdon. Airs Tues 10p

Tempers are as hot as the dance numbers on this Tuesday’s #FosseVerdonFX.

Sometimes things are complicated. #FosseVerdonFX

Listen to “All That Jazz" with the amazing Bianca Marroquin, and more remastered songs from #FosseVerdonFX, now available everywhere.

What do you think of Sam Rockwell’s portrayal of Bob Fosse? Only a few episodes left. Catch up on FXNOW. #FosseVerdonFX

The past shapes us into who we are today. #FosseVerdonFX

Nicole has got to see her father one way or another. #FosseVerdonFX

Get the bandages and the ice packs ready, CHICAGO rehearsals have just begun. Tune in, only a few more episodes left. #FosseVerdonFX returns tonight at 10p.

More of Bob and Gwen's story has yet to unfold. Tune in tomorrow night for an all-new #FosseVerdonFX.

Whose responsibility is it to care for Bob? Tensions are rising this week on an all-new #FosseVerdonFX.

How far will Bob push himself? Find out Tuesday on an all-new #FosseVerdonFX.

Bob is careful with who he trusts. #FosseVerdonFX

Always searching for her approval. #FosseVerdonFX

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