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Dinner at Nice was very picturesque as the sun set. Tomorrow I'm heading out to the airport in the Vanquish because a friend has seen some cars that are pretty awesome.

Parked the Maserati at the Golf Course for some lunch. I'm heading down to dinner overlooking the Mediterranean.

Here's the 3 Car Collection out in Europe. I have a white Vanquish, plated '92 HR', a Maserati GranTurismo plated '45 HR', and the shared daily, the A45 AMG. All of these cars will be cherished and enjoyed during my time in Europe.

Details about the Mercedes A45 AMG.
It has upwards of 400+BHP, and it does 0-60 in little less than 4 seconds as far as it was tested out in Australia. The car was sourced by @Cavalli.INTL and then tuned by @Cavalli.Design.AU, then it was shipped to Europe for us to use as a daily run around car. It has been fully murdered out, with tints, full black paintwork and Momo's painted in black. It's a very pretty car and perfect for what we use it for!

Took the E63 AMG S out on some proper driving roads. You'll never get this view in Australia; a castle, beaming sunlight which happens to shine down onto a river! Perfection. Now's the time to give the Mercedes back already, I'll show you the A45 in more detail tomorrow before I introduce you to my garage!

This'll be my car for a couple days from my friend until my cars arrive from the UK. It's a 2014 Mercedes E63 with 700BHP! Certainly quick, I'll take it on some really nice roads tomorrow!

Touchdown Europe!
I've arrived, jet lagged but ready for the adventure! Massive thanks to @JoeyWoods.Forza for picking me up in our shared daily! I can't wait to finally get my cars, but for now I've rented an awesome car for a couple days!

Dewrapped the Turbo S of all its stickers this morning. I find this car looking so clean now it's unbelievable. Especially with the Chrome HRE's giving it class.

#Throwback to when a spotter caught me leaving Nova! The Agera attracted a lot of attention, but I've come to the decision I'm not getting a Hypercar. Instead, I'm looking at an exotic car around the 500/800K bracket. It'll be delivered earlier as well than the Hypercar would've been.

Situation update with the M4 DTM. It's being worked on, some parts have arrived direct from Germany, but not everything is done. I'm heading out to Italy soon to check out the new house, and when I return, the M4 DTM will be back in my hands. It'll look so good when it's returned though. It'll totally be worth the wait.

Me, @JoeyWoods.Forza and @JWD.Forza recently bought some tickets to go out to Italy at different times. I'm heading out there on the 21ST July.

I was nominated to do the #RPBWChallenge by @JWD.Forza, here's a picture of me and him when he still had his CTS V. The people who are tagged are the ones I nominate to do the Challenge.

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