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Owner Of Nova™ + RDB™  Forza RP! 🇦🇺: F12TDF, California T, GT3RS 550X, R8 Select 24H 🇮🇹: GranTurismo Surfer's Paradise Part Time Property Developer

Went on lots of driving roads, and had lots of fun. Knew I was going to get the car dirty, I told you guys. Immediately headed over to @Detail.Aus to get it cleaned up, as I have a photoshoot to attend!

We all lined up for a quick shoot as the sun appeared, and then we're going to drive a lot of roads!

We then stopped by @horizon.boss house!

Morning everyone! Today, I'm taking the GT3RS 550X out to @Matthew.Roleplay anniversary meet! I have a feeling by the time I get back home the Porsche won't be clean. Oh well, all good fun!

Here she is, my new investment car!

This is a 2016 Audi R8 V10 Plus Select 24H, one of 24 in the entire world!
Massive thank you again to @goldcoastautos.fh3 for sourcing this car for me, I couldn't be happier with the customer service they provide!

Here's the California T after being upgraded slightly by Underground Racing. It's now comfortably sitting at 674BHP after a +120BHP increase, but it's being sent to Novitec soon to get an ECU that'll give it another +100ish HP. They said it'll bring my car up to 760BHP, which is more than enough. The Accuair really helps as well!

This is one of the final few times you'll see the TDF in this specification. It's going in for its wrap right now.

Good morning. Dropping the California T off to @UnderGroundRacing.FH3 right now so they can work their magic, and then tomorrow I'm taking the TDF in to be wrapped, and then my investment car by the looks of things will be revealed Friday.

I drove with some friends this morning to get coffee. Lovely views of many amazing cars!

I'm in love, many happy miles in this machine lay ahead!

Here she is. My new green monster!
I wrapped my California T in a specific green Carbon, where only certain lights it looks bright. I am in love! Thanks to @RDB.AU time after time for the incredible job!

Another shot of mine and @FH3Collector TDF's. I really enjoyed this photoshoot, maybe I need to let @FH3Spotter take the keys and get some incredible shots!

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