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Forward Controls Design  Function over form

Sling Keep B is now available with Multicam :)

We now have Law Tactical's AR folding stock adapter, it's as though it were made for our CNF and ESF :)

I thought all of us had played with Legos growing up and learned things from it ;)

We're reusing our old (2015-2016) logo on a limited basis, mostly on swag :)

CNF (Castle Nut, Forward Controls) and ESF-H (End plate, Sling adapter, Forward Controls, Heavy). Photo courtesy of 47images.

CNF's staking notches are angled at 30 degrees (TDP is 45 degrees), which results in deeper and loner staking notches.

ESF-L (End plate, Sling adapter, Forward Controls) and CNF (Castle Nut, Forward Controls). Photo courtesy of David Pyzik.

1815 flash suppressor/compensator is now shipping :)

MSQ-H (MLOK Sling mount, QD, Heavy) is billet machined from 4140 steel and black nitrided. Intended for fighting guns, we gladly trade light weight for durability and reliability. Photo courtesy of J. Landoe.

MSQ-H (MLOK Sling mount, QD, Heavy) in a cool pic with other high quality components, photo courtesy of N. Defirs.

Another excellent staking job on the CNF :)

Available later this week, MSQ-H (MLOK Sling adapter, QD, Heavy). Machined from 4140 and black nitrided.

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