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Scott Stevenson  Scott W. Stevenson, PhD, bodybuilding physiologist, acupuncturist, author of Fortitude Training® & Be Your Own Bodybuilding Coach™.

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Muscle Minds Podcast 55 with @fortitude_training and @scottmcnally1 is out now! Topics : TUDCA, improving blood glucose health, same diet/different response. Link in bio or iTunes, YouTube, Stitcher, and podcast apps #bodybuilding #arnoldclassic #gymmotivation #podcast #fortitudetraining

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I had a great time chatting with Tony Montgomery in Episode 58 of his podcast “Beyond the Platform.” We talk about the importance or lack thereof of the mind-muscle connection for strength athletes, the science behind, what works better internal or external cues, and we take a detour into sports psychology.

All things Dr. Stevenson check out

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#Repost @jasonwolfe41 Paul Carter @liftrunbang and I will doing a Charity Seminar for the Sebring Strong Survivors Funds ( <>) next month!!! Please come on out or feel free to donate directly - or BOTH!!! FOR TIX: Contact Jason Wolfe @jasonwolfe41 : 863-273-8335 or #sebringstrong

I was inspired to post a flashback (#flashbackvirgin) by @delanemarie_ifbb’s recent blast from the past pre-contest posing vid. This is from the 2010 Jr. USA’s (the one in Houston, TX) where I had the honor to compete with @jt_joethomas, on the comeback from what would have been a devastating back injury for most people. [If I recall, Joe vowed to me that day that he would get his Pro Card, which he did while we competed together at the 2016 Team Universe (yes, I know it’s not called that any more, but I’m #oldschool and #hardcore… LOL). Once again, thanks to Dave Palumbo (@huge285) who filmed this and posted it, back in the (good old) days when RxMuscle was a main source for contest coverage.

One of my favorite curl variations - my supple wrists do best with an EZ Curl Bar. These can be very useful if you tend to get (distal) biceps tendinitis, which, in my experience, tends to preclude end elbow extension range of motion (biceps lengthened / elbow extended) during curls: This exercise keeps the reps away from that sometimes precarious portion of the ROM. (End of a Fortitude Training Muscle Round…) Enjoy! #EarnIt #FortitudeTraining #MuscleRound

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I will be in Florida next month for a joint workshop with my compadre @liftrunbang for a charity event. We are fund raising for families who lost loved ones from a robbery earlier this year. The event will be held March 16th from 11 am to 2 pm at CrossFit 863 - address 204 S. Ridgewood Drive in Sebring, FL. Tickets are only $50 and all proceeds will go to the families who were impacted. Scott and I hope you will share this to bring awareness and attend for a much needed cause. Please contact Jason Wolfe for tickets to attend - email -

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Failure Roundtable with @rpdrmike @fortitude_training is live!
Dr. Mike & Dr. Scott get into a discussion around training to failure, the relative intensity and overall training volume.
You don't want to miss this!
As always please check it out over on YouTube or wait till Tuesday for it to be live on all podcasts.

Tix are still available for the Seminar John Meadows, Dr. Eric Serrano MD and I are doing Feb 28 in Columbus (First day of the Arnold Classic), AFTER which we’ll be at Bullfrog Nutrition for a Meet n’ Greet / Bullshitting session. Come on out!!! @pcallahan_12 @mountaindog1 @bullfrognutrition @guycisternino @delanemarie_ifbb @skylafit @bolerousa @ifbb_athlete_alessandrosavi

BACK TO BASICS - Pre-Arnold Classic Seminar with John Meadows, Dr. Eric Serrano and myself! John, Eric and I will be covering training, longevity, bodybuilding pharmacology and ending the day’s seminar with a No Holds Barred Q n’ A. Tix are $150 (early bird) until Jan 15 and $175 thereafter (includes a LUNCH BUFFET). Get ‘em here at my site www.drscottstevenson ( (Link in my Profile, too.)

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HOLD THE DATE: John Meadows and I are once again going to be holding a seminar downtown the Thursday before the Arnold Classic here in Columbus on Feb 28. We sold out fast last year, so this year we reserved a bigger room. Oh and did I mention Dr Serrano is also going to present on bloodwork and testosterone? He is considered to be one of the top experts in the world on this topic. We will officially open registration in the next few weeks, but mark your calendar now!

“Row Stop Deads” - a play on “dead stop rows.” I’ve obviously not invented these, but can’t actively recall where I might have seen them done, and this name is catchy (I think) and descriptive. This is a phenomenal way to activate the lats in way you might never have. (If you have to do a shit-ton of sets to get lat soreness, indicating you’ve targeted them in your training, this might just be the start of a solution to more focused, efficient and <gasp> effective lat training.) EXECUTION: 1.) CONCENTRIC ROW, bringing the barbell (in this case, although these could be done with DB’s or even a cable row) to the lower abdominal area; 2) HOLD the BAR there (the “STOP” part) by forcefully contracting the lats and then 3.) Perform what would be the end ROM / lockout of a DEADLIFT by extending at the hip. You’ll have to keep the lats engaged like a mofo to keep the bar as close to your body as possible during this hip extension / deadlift. Then, reverse the above by 4.) Reversing the hip hinge (deadlift), but still holding the bar in place, lats contracted in the shortened position and 5.) finally, reversing the (bent-over) row by eccentrically lowering the bar with the lats. So, Row, then Stop, then Dead, and then Reverse those steps. I used about 50% of the load I would have for a traditional barbell BO Row. ENJOY!!! #BYOBBCoach #fortitudetraining #earnit

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