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Fort Gansevoort  Art Gallery 5 Ninth Avenue NYC Laurel Shear “Daydreaming in my nightmare” through April 21 Michelangelo Lovelace “The Land” opening Thursday, May 3rd.

Michelangelo Lovelace “The Land” exhibition opening at Fort Gansevoort on Thursday, May 3rd. Michelangelo’s been repping for Cleveland for over 3 decades with his dynamic paintings. #michelangelolovelace #cleveland #cavs

Pulitzer Prize winning critic @jerrysaltz says @laurelshear is number 1🥇💎. Come see her exhibition at Fort Gansevoort. Today and tomorrow are the last two days it’s on. #laurelshear #jerrysaltz #pulitzer #pulitzerprize

The Barnette’s take San Diego. @rodneybarnette @sadiebarnette and Mommy Barnette for opening of “Dear 1968” exhibition @mcasandiego #sadiebarnette #rodneybarnette #dear1968 #love1984

@rodneybarnette like a boss posing in front of his 1966 picture on his way to Vietnam as part of the US Army and a picture from 1968 as a Black Panther party member @sadiebarnette “Dear 1968” exhibition @mcasandiego #sadiebarnette #rodneybarnette

Thank you @artnet for listing @laurelshear “Daydreaming in my Nightmare” exhibition as 1 of 14 things you should go see this week. Two more days of this beautiful exhibition. Through Saturday, April 21st. #laurelshear

Michelangelo Lovelace “The Land” Paintings from 1994-2016 exhibition will open at Fort Gansevoort on Thursday evening May 3rd from 6pm to 8pm. Pictured: “Life trapped in the Bottle,” 2004 Acrylic on textured canvas. 63 1/2 x 44 1/2 inches. #michelangelolovelace #cleveland #theland

@hankwillisthomas “Are you the Right kind of Women for It?,” 1974/2007, 2007 LightJet print. Part of the @nublockmuseum exhibition of Hank Willis Thomas Unbranded series. #hankwillisthomas

Deana Lawson “Sons of Cush,” 2016 Ink jet print mounted on Sintra. Edition 2 of 4, 2AP @mcachicago #deanalawson

Sharon Lockhart “Goshogaoka Girls Basketball Team Group #1: Yuka Koishihara and Eri Kobayashi; Yuka Ishigami; Chinatsu Narui and Hitomi Shibazaki; Kumiko Shirai, 1997 Chromogenic development prints @mcachicago Collection Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. #sharonlockhart

Stan Douglas “Hockey Fight”, 1951, 2010 Digital fiber print mounted on Dibond aluminum. @mcachicago #standouglas

#howardenapindell “Diallo” Mixed media on canvas. 2000. @mcachicago “What remains to be seen” exhibition.

#howardenapindell @mcachicago “What remains to be Seen” exhibition ”Till Birmam Wood Remove to Dunsinane” (Macbeth Act 5, Scene 3), 1991 Mixed media on canvas. Collection of Beth Rudin DeWoody

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