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Forsake  May is Forsake’s Ambassador Takeover Month. Follow along to discover new adventure opportunities! 🏕 🗺 ✈️ #adventureworthy

HEYOOOO! @handsomerobinson here to start my leg of this takeover series on the right foot... or off the right foot?! 😱😱😱😱 ⠀

Fun fact: @she_breathes_fire is the real badass here; I was freaking OUT. You rock, babe 😉⠀
I’ll have more face melters coming at you for the next few days - stay tuned!

Gaining perspective while in Hawaii last year. Flying over Kauai makes for one of my all time favorite views. Thanks for letting us take over your account @forsakeco and for supporting our adventures near and far. Now on to the next ambassador! @travisburkephotography over and out.

@travisburkephotography here again. Hope everyone is having a great start to the week! Here’s proof that sometimes I do put down my camera to simply enjoy the view. Huge thanks to my buddy 📸 @kylormelton for capturing this moment with perfect conditions and no one around! 🙏🏼🙌🏼
Mooney Falls, Supai, Arizona #adventureworthy

@travisburkephotography here to carry on the @forsakeco #takeover this month. This is one of my favorite images that just so happened to be taken on a trip with the Forsake crew last fall in Washington. We camped on the beach with perfect conditions and bioluminescent phytoplankton lighting up the ocean as the waves crashed! It was a rare and extremely beautiful moment we were all thankful to experience! La Push, Washington #adventureworthy

That’s a wrap! It’s been a blast sharing some of my favorite Forsake moments from the last year. One final shot for you taken just last week in Ecuador riding out with a local chagra (Ecuadorean cowboy) for the morning wrangle. Thanks for following along, and enjoy what comes next! -@whitneyljames #adventureworthy

Surf’s up! This is one of my all-time favorite memories from last summer. @bryanrowephoto and I trekked a few miles up a remote creek in Colorado, SUP in tow. The mosquitos were relentless but my Ducks were on point. 👌🏼 #adventureworthy

@whitneyljames back for one more day of the @forsakeco #takeover. My friend and mountain bike buddy @em.sierra snapped this shot the other weekend during a girls trip to the desert. Where’s the coffee at? #adventureworthy

Happy Friday, @forsakeco peeps! Next down my Forsake memory lane was a trip to Olympic National Park last fall. We’ll be sharing more about this epic weekend soon but for now, one of my favorite moments captured by @travisburkephotography as I very groggily get out of my tent on the beach. #adventureworthy

@whitneyljames back with more for the @foresakeco takeover! Nothing like a campfire selfie to celebrate that the weekend is on its way. This shot was taken during a camping trip in the Washington Cascades with my Dad (let’s just say he was jealous of my footwear.) What will you have in your can this weekend? #adventureworthy

Hey all, @whitneyljames here! If @wheretowillie, @joseromero93, and @kcthomson’s photos this past week have taught us anything, it’s that Forsake lays the foundation for epic adventure. I’m here to continue the ambassador takeover with some images from my favorite Forsake-fired memories from the past year. First up, a 7 degree walk along Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park captured by @bryanrowephoto. Everything was cold…except for my feet. #adventureworthy

@wheretowillie with time for at least one more post before I pass on the torch to the next of the @forsakeco crew taking over this month! New Zealand was one of my favorite countries to revisit, as my first trip i definitely missed most of what the country had to offer! Would you cruise this ridge? #adventureworthy

@wheretowillie here again! My first trip to Patagonia was a scouting mission. Next time will ideally be a climbing trip. Anyone want to go? #adventureworthy

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