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As a science-respecting person, I'm finding myself annoyed just by shopping for groceries.

Had a quick lunch at the beautiful Li Ka Shing center at Stanford, where your doctor tomorrow might be inside getting trained right now.

On Stanford campus today for Python training. My classroom is in an old trailer near this spot though — no hallowed halls for me

Well to the right of the centerline, but I still felt pretty good about this landing in the X-Plane simulator.

This package started in a small seaside town in Croatia, travelled to their capital, then Paris, London, LA, and then to me. It's had a much more jet-set life than I.

Making your #3dprinter's life difficult: have it print a gear.

Ordered some rudder pedals for flight simming, and they started their journey to me today. But this is quite the unique start to a journey of anything I've ever ordered.

*Some* kind of story's behind this I reckon…

Sun column from my back yard, from light of the already-set sun reflecting off ice crystals.

Wet labs can look really cool when no one's arrived yet. This one's around the corner from my cubicle.

Did touch-n-goes in the X-Plane sim Cessna 172 last evening, and was struck how good the rendering is in XP11. Beautiful sun glint off the flap

There was an office building here yesterday. My office building is still standing in the background on the left.

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