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This is an absolute best...Ethiopian opal here. Oh the fire!!

This is a pretty amazing and thick cab of Mexican fire opal. Pretty good rainbow with great red flashes

Check out the uv flashes in this carved opal

Boulder opal chunk didn't even make it out on display sold as I was pricing it! Good stuff beautiful earth treasures. #opal #boulderopal #rainbow #earth

Natural colored cochina drusy from Brazil. #quartz #quartzjewelry #quartzcrystal #drusy #natural #nature #brazil

So proud of our silversmiths. Look at how beautifully they work the silver to follow the shape of the stone. I didn't even have this on for more than 30 minutes and it sold.
#handmade #handmadejewelry #sterlingsilver #drusyquartz #pendant #statementpiece #chunky #itsallaboutthestones

Kinda looks like a vertebrae but it's fordite drippings on a bungee cord. Slide to the left to see the polished layers on another piece. Pretty dang radical. #fordite #Detroitagate #classic #carpaint #huggerorange #layers #spine #jewelry #sterlingsilver #forsale DM for pricing, quantities and varieties in #pendants #earrings #rings #bracelets and #cufflinks

Yes I'm holding it like my baby. It needs TLC. So honored and amazed to receive this selenite (gypsum) chunk for my birthday. This here is from the one and only "Cave of Crystals" in Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico. How did it get here in my arms? During the Gem and Jewelry Show in Dallas, TX end of April a dear woman who exhibited for the first time was across from our booth. You couldn't not notice this amazing glowing rock of goodness. She explained that her relative was one of a team of scientists who explored the cave for the purpose of testing and studying the crystals and the microorganisms that live (or have been dormant) in the unique condition under the earth's crust. She even had pictures showing it being brought out of the cave!! He asked upon leaving the cave if he could retrieve this particular piece since it was on the ground. It is not allowable to remove, destroy, mine, deface any of the crystals attached to the cave.

This "Giant Cave of Crystals" was discovered in 2000. It is 980' underground, average 100 degrees and almost 100% humidity to 150 degrees have been recorded, special suits are needed to keep cool as well a special breathing apparatus is needed to keep the lungs moist and humidified. Short trips are only possible as it is very demanding on the body. While the cave was empty from water (machines at the cave entrance kept it drained ), over time, scientists noticed a natural degradation of the crystals and decided they had collected enough data. And so currently, the cave has been returned to its natural inhospitable state, the pumps removed and the return of the natural flow of water fills the cave.
The geography under a mountain, magma chambers 2-3 miles under the cave, faults that carry super heated fluids, the position of this cave pocket all contribute to the growth of the large (some 30' long and 3' wide) crystals, over at least 500,000 years. The local miners discovered this cave through a tunnel where they were currently mining for zinc, lead, silver. Once exhausted, they dug deeper and discovered this huge crystal cave. Also nearby is another cave called the "Cave of Swords".

Oooo coooool!!! My son's "toy" hematite balls. It really works as a bracelet too ...magnetism and all

#hematite #magnet #magnetism #bracelet #funwithgems #pyritering #sunshine

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