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Loved all of the comments from the ladies in my life yesterday πŸ’• Unfortunately, what Silas is going through isn't a phase. It's something we've been in therapy for for almost 2 years, first speech therapy and now combining it with occupational therapy. We'll also be seeing a developmental pediatrician to gain some more perspective. Sensory processing disorder is pretty complex, and for every child navigating it it's different. Right now, Silas struggles immensely with transitions, like when one of us leaves the house, when we go from one errand to the next, when we say it's time for bed. Usually this results in epic tantrums and a scream fest. It also affects eating habits amongst other things. Couple this with the ordinary struggles every 4yrs old is dealing with and it can be intense. Needless to say, it's what has me drained. Felix is a disaster, but with that I know I can tell myself it will pass (hopefully sooner rather than later) 😏. It's very heartbreaking to see your child struggle like Nick and I have since Silas was extremely young. Thank you for all of the positivity!! I soaked it up and it put a smile on my face πŸ’• #silasryder #sensoryprocessingdisorder

Life with these two boys...has been so SO hard lately. Felix is just at an age where he's testing limits and is a total animal out in public, and Silas seems to really be struggling with his sensory processing disorder. I literally cannot get him from point A to point B without an enormous amount of struggle. The screaming, tantrums, and hitting is at an all time high and I just can't deal. It is hard to not feel like a complete failure 24/7 as a mother. Good news is that he's loving OT and my fingers are crossed we can find a him a preschool that will be a perfect fit for his amazing personality and little quirks 😊 #lovemyboys #eventhoughtheydrivemecrazy #silasryder #felixames #booshbrothers #goldenhour #motherhood #vscocam

They wave goodbye to their daddy every morning from the deck. Looked extra cute today 😊 #felixames #silasryder #vscocam

Feeling this little babe move πŸ™πŸΌ Can't wait to hear the heartbeat tomorrow at my appointment. I'll be completely honest, I did not feel super affected by my miscarriage at the time it was happening. Don't get me wrong, I definitely felt stunned by the whole situation and I let the tears flow. To have two healthy pregnancies and then experience loss is very...jarring. But I was proud of my body for recognizing something was off and handling it. That was the mindset I chose to go with. The physical part was what was excruciating. But now that I'm pregnant again, I see how much it impacted me emotionally. I keep telling myself not to get excited, I've sort of refused to browse any baby things, and now I'm just trying to not be overcome with anxiety for my 20 week ultrasound. #15weeks #1in4 #ihadamiscarriage #rainbowbaby #vscocam

Zoodles with a super fresh veggie-herby-tomato sauce deal. Got crazy and added some nutritional yeast on top. #meatlessmeals #vegan #health #wellness #nutrition #vscocam

Dinner didn't suck tonight, that's for sure. #gimmeallthecrabcakes #summer #vscocam

25 days until we start interior renovations on this beauty 😳 I have no idea what I am doing. All I know is that I need a hammock on that porch asap. #somuchmoney #worthit #homeowners #renovation #portland #pdx #vscocam

Next year we'll have a 3rd in that wagon! 😳 #Oceanside #Netarts #Oregoncoast #4thofjuly #thebushongs #vscocam

4th of July parade πŸ’₯#oceanside #netarts #oregoncoast #silasryder #vscocam

He's going to poo blueberries for days. Worth it. #felixames #sauvieislandfarms #portland #pdx #vscocam

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