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After dinner pool hangs waiting for the papa to ride by on his bike 🚴 #summer #portland #pdx #vscocam

New walkie-talkies from Grammy! #booshbrothers #myboys #felixames #silasryder

32 looks good on you baby 😘💕 #myboo #happybirthday

Hung out with my sissy, ate this delicious tart in the park, got a pedicure, bought some clogs and splurged on some yummy skincare goodies. #happymothersday #momlife #treatyoself #kensartisanbakery #portland #vscocam

Tired doesn't even begin to describe how I'm feeling. These snuggles are really nice though 😍 #mamasboys #allthesnuggles #rainyday #silasryder #felixames #vscocam

Feeling this message from @reneeplatt: {YES MY SON IS A LITTLE SH*T DEAL WITH IT}
You know what? I am tired of being the Mother of the naughty kid, honestly it’s exhausting and I know right now some of you are nodding your head feeling me. The others are the ones who look at me when he’s not being all perfect like your children were or are. I’m the Mum of the wild 5 year old boy in the shops excited about all the possibilities that he could walk out with.
I’m the Mum of the boisterous boy at family get together’s when you just want to sit quietly and he finds that bat shit boring and wants to be loud and play. I’m the Mum of the loud child in the library, I’m the Mum of the excited talking boy in the cinema, I’m the Mum of the boy who threw a tantrum in the park because he didn’t want to go home because he’d rather play in the wild. I am the Mum of the boy dressed as a Super Hero.
I’m exhausted he wears me out, he pushes me to my limits, he upsets me, he yells, he teases his sister, he fights with his brother, he does what he wants and it drives me insane. He doesn’t care too much for rules instead like to create his own. He is covered in bruises because he plays hard, his hair never stays neat for long because he loves to somersault and rough house, he wont sit still to read a book for long, nor will he top the class in spelling just now. His school uniform comes home filthy each afternoon and he can never keep track of his readers or library books. BUT you know what? He is brave, he is strong, he is outgoing, he is charismatic, he is a gentleman, he is intelligent, he is articulate, he is funny, he is tech savvy, he is street wise, he is bold, he is mine. He is an engineer, he is an astronaut, he is an explorer, he is a politician, he is a soldier, he is a cowboy, he is a networker, he is a manager, he is a CEO, he is Alfa. He is a little shit right now at times, but he loves hard too, and I am one of the only ones who gets to see his quiet, tired love. (Continued in comments)

#motherhood #boymom #silasryder #mylove

Brunchin' with my boo. #porqueno #portland #vscocam

He gave my hand a kiss when we were walking. Love my boo 😍 #silasryder #mamasboy

Roasted cauliflower + chickpeas smothered in za'atar spice (obsessed. I'll lick the roasting pan) with some curried yogurt, parsley and avo ✨Gotta throw that corn tortilla on the gas burner for a few seconds to get some charred edges too 👌🏼#feedfeed #f52grams #health #wellness #nutrition #tacotuesday #vscocam

From the dude whose name I have tattooed on my arm ☺️🌷💕 #love

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