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kate sommers  food + whiskey (hiatus) + maternity capsule wardrobe Minneapolis 👉Denver

Oh yeah, I used to have brown hair 😵

Maple the stinky dog (seriously, her farts are FOUL and she probably could use a bath. Seems like a smart thing to tackle at 35w pregnant while @kyle_sommers is out of town, Right?) #WelcomeToHighGarden

Y so serious? #WelcomeToHighGarden

I've been doing some consulting for creative entrepreneurs on the side and it's expanding my mind and helping me develop talents and joys I've always had, like teaching, and of course 📷.

Add one more to the mix in six weeks? Why the hell not. Fingers crossed for the most chill baby of all time 😬#WelcomeToHighGarden

When the neighbors are jealous you get to walk the dog without your kids, you call it a date.

Lovely day with my mom @pamela_newberry exploring Denver and window shopping for flowers.

Happy "advanced maternal age" day to me (and 34w tomorrow for baby).

"My name... is Scooter Boy" #WelcomeToHighGarden

The hardest part about adjusting to the climate here (other than the boogers, and there are just A LOT of boogers here because it's so damn dry) is that you get mid-70s days in Jan & Feb... like, spring is HERE! but it's still so damn brown. Thankfully there are greenhouses on every corner and they're free (if you can escape without buying 20 plants) #BeautyArchived

Piano, piano... but also actually trying to get my shit in gear and finish this bad-boy before next weekend because #nesting. #WelcomeToHighGarden

I told her we were going on a walk when she was done with her snack but I think the Sunday lazy's won out. #WelcomeToHighGarden