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Wynter Pitts  Mom of 4 girls. Author, speaker and founder of For Girls Like You-Christ Focused Magazine, Devotionals and resources for girls!

She told me she was “out of words.” She was wrapping up this final book project pictured above, aptly titled I Am Yours - A Prayer Book for Girls. She was passionate about this project because it would help connect girls to their Savior in a way that she could not. She would instruct them and guide them in intimate conversations with God on all the topics that she had written on before and let them take it from there. She had a few more creative projects to go but this was the last that was on her heart to write that was more instructive.•••••••••••••••••She was more excited about ministry than ever but felt like God answered her prayer in helping her to create exactly what she wanted to create for her girls and girls just like them. She was praying that God would do something big. She was hopeful that God would take what she had done and reach more girls with it. She wasn’t interested in writing for writing’s sake. So she prayed that God would just expand the reach of what was already created. The only thing she felt like she had on her heart to write next was her story. Her story is powerful and God continues to write it day by day. I’m simply amazed at our God. More trusting than ever. Don’t get me wrong, i see very dimly on most days and have some guilt on most that maybe this is all in my head. Maybe this isn’t real. Maybe this faith thing is just a story to make me feel better. And then I recall the miracle that is Wynter’s life. And the miracle that is her ministry. And all of the millions of things that would have to happen for her to be where she was, doing what she was doing. That God would let her finish her last project prior to leaving this earth and that she would leave this earth “out of words.” And then i think about the fervor that is mine to carry this message on for her, for our girls and the thousands more lost in a sea of confusion just waiting to be met by the grace of Jesus.•••••••••••••••••••••As the Thanksgiving season approaches and I start to feel upset, like Wynter is missing something, I’m reminded that we are the ones missing out. That we are the ones experiencing the loss. Because after all, SHE IS YOURS. Coming July 2019.

Our girls love football and they love @philadelphiaeagles! Grateful to them for showing our girls a good time in a difficult season. #flyeaglesfly🦅

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At 3:45 p.m. on July 24, 2018, I hit send on an e-mail to @harvesthousepublishers with the final, edited manuscript of the book above. Around 7:30 p.m. on that same July day, Wynter would breathe her last breath as I desperately tried to save it.
I’m not exactly sure what God was trying to say in that timing, but a few things I know. Wynter’s life was a good book. Our marriage was a good book. Perfect? No. Valleys and peaks? Absolutely. Like any good book it had all of that plus more. I routinely sit in my counselor’s office in tears. But not tears from turmoil over a job undone. Nope. We finished well. And I’ll forever be grateful for the Lord’s grace and mercy that allowed us to do that.

I’m not sure how long your book is, and I’m certain you don’t either. But I encourage you to make it a good one. To remember each day that the next is not promised, and that the one you have right now is the best one to lay down for each other in order to experience the fullness of a poured-out marriage.
Coming January 9th…

The Christmas issue has arrived! Incredibly grateful for the people that are keeping our family upheld.  We are just as grateful for the team that is upholding @forgirlslikeyou magazine.  Blessed by the completion of the second issue since Wynter’s passing. It’s a special issue about “Giving Christmas Away” featuring the Whitehead girls.  @darrenwhitehead And @brandywhtd - thank you for everything you’ve done for my family these last few months. Such a great time to feature these beauties. Thank you @jeremycowart for your beautiful cover photo and generosity. You were truly a Godsend. Other thanks go to @dannah_gresh @courtney_defeo @chrystalhurst @adiecamp @abe_froman3000 @erin.weidemann @caradury @joyglover_ @audreyroloff @ahgfun for you amazing contributions and partnerships! Let me know if i missed tagging you!

Excited to announce the release of #candacecenterstage by our friend @candacecbure. Candace is one of our biggest supporters and a sweet friend to Wynter. Her kindness and generous spirit are contagious and second to none. Her impact through her gifting and humility has been immeasurable. If you have a little girl age 4-8 approx., check it out!

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Since day one of our new life without @forgirlslikeyou hair has been the biggest every day stressors. It was something I never thought about outside of thinking how beautiful all of my women were every day. Their hair was ALWAYS well taken care of and beautiful. Wynter did all of our girls hair and often times her own. On our 10 year anniversary my card to her included a thank you for saving us an estimated $28,000 in hair care (between her and our girls). Well, between today and yesterday @deliciousdiva5, Wynter’s Aunt Trina who helped raise her flew in to help me. She just happened to close her hair salon two weeks before Wynter passed. Just prior to that she just happened to pick up a job at Southwest Airlines so she could travel more (for free) with all of her girls having grown up. Today, for the second time, she flew in to do my girls hair. Four heads in less than 24 hours, saving me about $750 and a bunch of time in a salon. God’s goodness can be found in even the seemingly insignificant details and I’m grateful for that. Thank you Trina and thank you Lord!!

All of Wynter’s passion in ministry started first in our home and with this girl in mind. She was our oldest. She was Wynter’s living lab. Wynter was surely smiling down as she watched from heaven yesterday. @alenapitts is #wynterslegacy. Wynter’s hope has always been to give girls a bigger vision for their lives and I’m watching it play out in living color. May she be one of thousands shining the light of Jesus in ups and downs, in good and bad.

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Incredibly grateful for our girl @alenapitts and her bravery in this season. If you are in Dallas come worship with her and others. Let’s move closer to the Lord. #Repost @alenapitts
So....super exciting news: I will be singing and speaking at Together 2018 in Dallas/Ft.Worth, Texas!! I’m so pumped to get back on Texas soil and join so many amazing believers coming together for a fun weekend of worship! I hope to see ya there💛

Really awesome words from @chrystalhurst honoring her “sister-cousin, Wynter, and using her life as a illustration and an inspiration to tell others to run their race. Powerful. Link in profile.

On this day in 2017 @forgirlslikeyou answered yes to another small thing she felt God calling us to do - record a short parenting series based on our book #sheisyours. I thought she was a bit crazy for wanting to do it so fast but... she persisted. With nothing more than a burden and a sense of urgency, we pulled together a few cameras and two of our closest friends @thinkdreambelieve, @kameronmitch and Vijay Prabhakar. Here’s a few pics from a crazy/exhausting/fun/rewarding day. We will release the series soon in hopes that God uses any and all of it for whoever, wherever.

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This was not our every moment but I’m glad it’s one we captured. #wynterslegacy

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I’ve had my fair share of opportunities to write. But this one might right here......So proud of Wynter. So proud of who she was and who she became as she continued to be faithful, day by day, decision by decision, yes by yes and no by no. Link in bio. #wynterslegacy #wynter

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