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Anush Mirbegian  Creative Director + Espadrille Artisan @es_par_ta and Freelance Mood Creator between Barcelona + NYC

Summer one ///

I can see a lot of bright in you /// Full Moon Blooms /// Thinking a lot about alchemy these spring days between California and New York. How do we shape shift ourselves? And our perceptions of others? I keep thinking of this proclamation that people never change, a culture of people that don’t change, habits die too hard. Then I hear another side of people saying with negativity that someone has changed, usually for the worse because of another relationship, another life circumstance. We expect change but at the same time are so resistant to it. Resistant, I suppose to what challenges our projections of what we cling to pretty tightly. I guess I’m looking for a fluid way of communicating and living because I’m fairly baseless, I want to connect with people more honestly, and I’m curious what people are thinking about and going through, what makes them change, resist change and in turn I am asking these questions of myself. Maybe we can lovingly expect more of each other and our conversations? And why not? We have so much to learn and have the opportunity to be student and teacher with our words, work and actions. It’s sorta beautiful and spring-like I guess. Going from cold magnolia trees blowing in the wind to warm salt seas. Place shifting and shape changing. We are all moving around all the time. Signing off NYC~thanks for letting me all float around. 🌸🎋🌕

You’re so baby ///

Ghada fulfills every pleasure of the artist’s stalker~most favourite forever~go see her amazing new show /// A Summer in India by Ghada Amer /// and yes I am here hang out with me ♥️

He belongs in the collage /// #littlehayastan #roubikjoooooon #tsavetanem

Gazing at my most favorite and most fragrant /// steady yourselves on this full moon, dear joons

The pleasure of the cancelled flight /// Merci Mercury!

Fading Adieu ///

17:15:28 PM Barcelona Time
Year 1397 Persian New Year / Equinox / First Spring Day / Astrology Day /// A small celebration this year that is always steeped in nostalgia of ones past and a makeshift haft seen table missing a few essentials lest including Sham, candles for enlightenment, Sir, garlic for health, Sonbol, a hyacinth, fragrant spring in a bloom, Serkeh, vinegar, symbolizing old age and patience, Sekkeh coins for abundance and prosperity, Mahi, fish that represent life and an adieu to Pieces season, a poem by Hafiz, Orange in water, as the earth in space, Rosewater for its magical cleansing properties, Rose quartz for balance in love and Protective hands from Morocco and Mexico. Atmospheric aromas of Palo Santo, Frankincense and Papier d’Armenie. A photo of my father, who is the reason I am privy to this holiday and one of my cosmic friend, Lucette. /// I told my mum last night that I was preparing my haft-seen and she asked me "Why do you bother with Nowruz? You are not even Iranian." Taken aback, mostly because I've been independently celebrating Nowruz for years and have introduced and included so many friends in the rich culture of welcoming Spring, but I suppose the reason is I have long been fascinated by Iranian customs, food and art. It is a dream of mine to actually celebrate Nowruz in Tehran. But I think all celebrations like these should be inclusive, because in their essence they aren't about religious views, it is about being together and sharing something, because that can bind us. And Zoroaster believed in the four elements of life and that good will and good words should be what we live by and I don't need much more mystical history that that. So Nowruz Mobarak! Find a way to be thankful for the light and the mere fact that we are here and welcoming a new season!

New moon aftermath /// naranja de sangre 🌑

Chāhār Shanbé Sooree /// One week until Nowruz (Persian New Year!) so light something on fire and jump over it to burn away the winter with the heavy negativity of the past and cleanse and purify for the renewed spring light coming our way #zoroastrianmagic #nowruzmobarak #nowruz1397

If you are in Barcelona and you were lucky enough to appreciate this place, you will be heartbroken to know that Maians has closed their doors. I will never forget the first time I went with my new soul friend, the dress and espadrilles I was wearing and the entire moment and how it was places like these that I was looking for where ever I went. But it was rare to find it as communal and as authentic as this. We’ve shared so many plates in this space and how sad to see it go. 💔🥘 #Arròsnegremeucor #howwillisurvivewithoutcázon

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