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Hello lovely people,

Its great to be back.
But very dissapointed to know what happened with hazza , felling very angry, how can be we fans be so insane. He doesnt deserve this! He deserves much more love and respect. Very sorry @harrystyles for what happened. You deserve much more respect and love.
#foreverdirectioner #truedirectioner #proudtobeadirectioner #1Dfamily #iwillbehereforever❤ #onedirection

Congratulation payno @liampayne on your first solo award . Really proud of you.
#foreverdirectioner #proudtobeadirectioner #truedirectioner #1Dfamily #onedirection #iwillbehereforever❤️

This is completely ridiculous how can humans have so much inhumanity in themselves. Like after seeing this many will definitely accuse muslims been doing all this. If muslims are doing all this than why this countries which majority population is muslims are fighting to be alive everyday.
These are people who are doing this are none but terrorists , they do not belong to any religion or any community. Because every religion on this earth stands for peace.

We are living in twenty first century where we have many electronic devices that can be used for betterment of humanity but rather than doing that these are being use to destroy many nations. If the world is calling this modernism than i think living in that age when there were no electronic gadgets where better. At least in that time people have humanity in themselves and the world was more happier palace than today. People used to go to sleep at peace .They used to listen birds chirping rather than the sound of bombing.
#savesyria #savehumanity #savetheworld

Visual representation before the video was uploaded.

By the way thank you to all of my directioner friends very much. Its been a lovely year . Today is the one year anniversary of this acc. Love ya all so much.
Have a lovely day everyone.
#foreverdirectioner #truedirectioner #proudtobeadirectioner #1Dfamily #onedirection #iwillbehereforever❤️

Happy birthday hazza @harrystyles . Hope you will have a lovely day and always remember we love you . #foreverdirectioner #truedirectioner #proudtobeadirectioner #1Dfamily #onedirection #iwillbehereforever❤️ #happybirthdayharrystyles

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