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When you go to a subscriber's page and realize that you're sitting amongst some of the best of YouTube ❤️ any goal is obtainable when you put in the work. Keep striving. The only medium used to measure success is yourself. #forevercryssy

Great skin is always the goal! Thank god for #facetune 😂 and acknowledge the fact that my brows are growing! Lol anywho new video alert 🚨 #forevercryssy

I just wanted to be held.

Squeezed so tight that your love spilled over into yesterday. Today... I have unconditional love and abundant amounts of it. My soul feels free, yet more grounded that I've ever wished for. ❤️ so grateful. Thank you ✨

Take this as your excuse to binge watch YouTube videos 😂 you're welcome! This one is me answering your questions ❤️ #forevercryssy #subscribe

When a girls says, "what frontal?" and TRULY means it. Special thank you to @wowafrican . You can achieve this same style by clicking the link in the bio. ❤️ #frontal #360frontal #laceclosure #wigs #forevercryssy #wowafrican #rubykisses #nars #mac #lenalashes

And if a lack in time allows you to give less of yourself, keep what you have. For in less time, I have seen and accomplished more than a lifetime. -cryssy

Keep it simple. Turn on your post notifications ❤️✨ #forevercryssy #wowafrican @wowafrican

Well don't just stand there. #forevercryssy

Be careful of the company you keep.. the spirit can thrive in any energy whether negative or positive. Beware of those that constantly announce their worth because they're usually worthless. Be careful of those that announce their self love because they usually feel the exact opposite. Those still learning to love themselves are struggling to accept themselves and can't possibly add value to you. Don't overlook character for inert anticipation. Don't be sorry. Be careful. #forevercryssy

So I was hesitant to even post this but I love my siblings with every molecule of my being. ❤️ #nationalsiblingday #family @xen.jai @badgyaljas @noigchris 😂

🌟You guys this means so much to me. This channel is literally my heart! I started this in 2014. Posted two videos for that entire year and was elated with the response that I received. Getting my first 1,000 felt like I had conquered the world. I took it a bit more serious in 2015 and that's the year that I claim as when I started my channel lol. My most impactful video, box braid tutorial, still has me in shock with over 2 million views. You guys have been beyond amazing and supportive. I take pride in the positivity that I receive. I can still count on two hands, the amount of crazy or negative comments that I've received. To me, that is incredible. I started this to share my world with you guys, and I look forward to many more years. This was for sure the BEST decision I've ever made in my life. THANK YOU. I'll remember this day forever ❤️

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