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Devan Dmarcus  |📍 Atlanta | | ©reative Director | | Public 🔊 | | Lifestyle Influencer | #IAmForevaLivin #Blackmensmile #Beautifulineveryshade #Nitetables

Pull up tonight and celebrate with us as we toast to @iamavontiadizahyr and the relaunch of her magazine! I’m featured on the Summer Issue! 📸😀✨

So you should go grab a copy of this joint from either or both stores! #iamforevalivin #adizahyrmagazine #magazine #cover #summer18 #lifestyle

I miss hitting the streets of Atlanta with my brother and Ricky while promoting the mission of @blackmensmile and @beautifulineveryshade. Those were some of the most challenging and rewarding times in my life so far! To see 2 young brothers move from a small town and experience new beginnings motivated me to do more and be more because they were looking to me as a source of influence and inspiration. I still want to be that example for them as well as myself. When I few people believe in a vision, you can change the world or at least impact those around you! Thank you @build_ford_tough23 for reminding me of what we must do! Love you and tell Ricky is said what up. #iamforevalivin #blackmensmile #beautifulineveryshade #themission #focus #push #inspire #leadbyexample

Freedom.....not many of us have it

I’m ready to see Cream X Coffee Season 2! @damnwriteoriginals and @screenwriteher_ stop playing with my emotions. People keep asking when will they get to see ZEEK 👀 #iamforevalivin #damnwriteoriginals #creamxcoffee

Heart of Martin, Soul of Huey, Mind of Malcolm, Vision of Garvey

This pretty much sums up me and my sisters relationship! @ibsarahlivingston I was trying to put you onto these frames from @cynthiabaileyeyewear

I asked pops to recall a time that we have done something to make him smile! I guess you can say that he’s a man of few words or perhaps he just relishes in the moment. 😂😂😂 Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads across the world! #iamforevalivin #fathersday #whatmakesyousmile #love

Showing up to Father’s Day Breakfast like what up Pops!

As I go deeper into my personal development I'm beginning to realize that as a community we hold the answers to many of the issues that we may face as individuals. Together we can create spaces for reconciliation and healing. The responsibility lies on us, as a collective body, to develop the systems and methods that lead to our wellness and wholeness. @jayhsings. Thank you for doing your part and setting the standard for us. As leader and Co-Director of @blackmensmile I will create more opportunities for men and women to come together in order to communicate and gain understanding as to who we are and can become. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of something great! Keep going! Love you girlie. Happy Birthday 🎉 #iamforevalivin #blackmensmile #panelist #adifferentdefinition #publicspeaker #mentalhealthawareness

How I’m feeling on this good Saturday!

So the 2 girls on the right were clearly wondering who the hell we were! Lol 😂if I told you how many times Carlton and I have been traveling or speaking somewhere and received this look, you wouldn’t believe me. I laugh everytime it happens. #blackmensmile #highmuseumofart #atlanta #art #community #activism #education #rewritingthenarrative #philosophy #sociology #psychology #humanity #history #revolutionary

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