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i used to get asked about my confidence a lot, and how i “got it” like it’s something you can buy online with a discount code (enter bULLdYkE10 for 10% off your purchase) but honestly confidence is something i started consciously faking in high school. kids, teenagers specifically, seek out those with the least confidence to terrorize, and once i noticed that, i became “the most confident woman in the world” by day and a shaky, anxious, self loathing hermit by night. it honestly helped me survive high school, this fake it ‘til you make it mentality i’ve been dedicated to ever since. confidence is only a mood, you’ll feel it sometimes and won’t feel it other times. but as a survival method, a lot of us adopted what seems like confidence in order to not be targeted or singled out as the weirdos. and sometimes i get a little jolt of “i’ve been pretending to love myself for so long, sometimes i actually believe it” and honestly sometimes lying to yourself is the best you can do. i’ve had a very shitty past few days, i’ve been incredibly hard on myself, speaking to myself in a way i would never allow myself to speak to those i love, and today i’m literally going to pretend i’m the best and see what happens. fake it ‘til you make it. will report back with results.

i will forever treasure speaking a little too loudly about queer separatism and heteronormativity at the dinner table with this one ✨

here are all four of my moods today, i love you brit

having a joan e. biren moment today #JEB

when air signs convene for gemini season


requesting thoughts and prayers for the lampshade

@godimsuchadyke reminded me about how much i love susan


saturgays with my guy

here’s my bi-monthly reminder that if you’re a terf i literally hate you, please leave and launch yourself into the sun with the rest of your lil buddies (source?)

when you’re stuck at city hall because bureaucracy and the government’s inability to NOT regulate every aspect of your life and the only other person waiting in line is another butch who also looks like they hate bureaucracy so you’re just reading about lesbian s/m while the women who work here are incredibly helpful and sweet and probably also hate bureaucracy

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