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Sara Rose  Plant pusher 🌱 Recipe Developer 👩🏻‍🍳 Free spirit ♡ Vancouver, BC

Fall mornings are for spiced quinoa and pear porridge and that’s a fact // It feels EXTRA sweet knowing the drizzle of honey is from our own beehives - we didn’t take much but man is it a treat 💫

These are my Friday night plans // This recipe for peanut butter fudge granola bars is now up on the @naturespathorganic blog... don’t forget to sprinkle a little flaky salt, you won’t regret it 🤟🏼

It’s autumn spice smoothie time!! // Warming up the system with fall flavors of cinnamon, ginger, turmeric and immune supportive honey // This superfood smoothie feels more like a delicious dessert - find the recipe here 👉🏼

“ When we told our youth that farming was a lowly aim compared with becoming teachers, doctors, or lawyers, what were we thinking?? We need teachers for just a few of life’s decades. If we’re lucky, we’ll see a doctor only a few times a year, and a lawyer even less. But we need farmers every single day of our lives, beginning to end, no exceptions.”
-Barbara Kingsolver

Kicking off my Saturday right with a raspberry almond butter smoothie bowl // Happy weekending pals ✨

Tomatoes are in season buds!! // Serving up heirloom tomato gazpacho on repeat at our place 🤟🏼

A perfect night, beginning to end // Thank you @friendsandfare and @therootedtable for hosting such a stunning & delicious evening, my tummy and my heart are full // P.S does my brother look like Keanu Reeves or is that just me??

✨29✨ // Celebrating in my fave place with my fave heart @happyhivesvancouver

This sunshine calls for some homemade and plant-based strawberry rhubarb ice cream // I can’t get enough - peep the recipe on the @naturespathorganic blog

Managed to steal this guy away from the bees for a week 😍

Strawberry lemon chia seed muffins for all the strawberry lovers out there 🍓❤️ // Easy to make and REAL easy to devour

Progress at my community garden plot // I planted an entire bed of sweetgrass seeds this spring and this single plant is the only one that sprouted // Traditionally this medicinal herb is used by Indigenous people’s to cleanse, to connect, to balance, guide & empower // It is my offering this year as I seek out a deeper connection to the land & journey into sustainable farming // It is sacred and powerful & I am so thankful

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