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Forest β†Ÿ  Let's get lost in the trees.

Do what you love, be with who you love, and surround yourself with the people that you love.
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Happy Earth Day 🌲
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Chasing fog in Canada 🌲
@dylankato here again for my last post! This shot was taken during my first morning in Canada. After driving back and forth to awesome locations in hopes of finding fog, I saw this as we were driving and instantly pulled over on the side of the road. It was one of the most surreal experiences watching the fog drift through the trees as the sun sent down these beams. Thanks for following along on my takeover! Be sure to check out my account @dylankato for more!

Lake 22, Washington 🌲
@dylankato here again! This image is from a beautiful foggy day at Lake 22, by far my favorite short hike in Washington. These enormous trees caught my attention while hiking up the trail, and the fog only made it better. Takeover continued by @dylankato

Colchuck Lake, Washington 🌲
@dylankato here taking over the account for the day! This image was taken at the very start of winter, just as the snow was beginning to be more common up in the mountains. After a very rainy hike up to this pristine lake, the rain turned into snow, making for an incredible shot of the landscape. Be sure to check out my page @dylankato for more!

Spring mornings 🌲
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Find the wild.
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Pacific Northwest 🌲
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Lake O'Hara 🌲
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Switzerland 🌲
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Spring at the lake 🌲
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