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FOREO  FOREO Official | Proudly 🇸🇪, FOREO is short for ‘For Everyone’ - we reinvent beauty and wellness for better | Share smiles with #FOREO or @FOREO

A big thank you to #FOREOfan @viperialee for sharing with us her survival tips for shopping and skincare - "Stay hydrated from inside out! Drink water regularly! Even with oily skin, moisturizing is also very important so don't skip it."
@ilonarah knows how to add color to her life, get the chance to add some color to yours this Friday!
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Skincare addict @graceherrera_loves taking care of her skin and she's been doing so with her #LUNAmini2 - "It helps me cleanse in depth and eliminate impurities." 😃👐
Can you imagine the LUNA range without color? This Friday #FOREO says no to bleak, it's time to color your Black Friday!
📷: graceherrera_
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Don't we all desire to have smooth, beautiful skin like @frag_frau_waibel has? What product(s) do you use in your daily skincare routine? @callmefafi shared with us what she uses to keep her skin beautiful at all times - "Two years in and I'm still completely in love with my #LUNA2 and all the benefits it has given to me in my skincare regimen." No wonder her skin looks fabulous! 😍👍
📷: @sbarucha/@frag_frau_waibel
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"When we got to Brazil one of my favorite locations I was very excited about, and the fofo told me that my skin was actually very close to perfect, that I had normal moisture and that I hadn't gained any years in age so I was very happy about that. I'm so happy I brought the fofo that could guide me through the different types of climate and how to take care of my skin." - @laurenlewiss_

The final stop for #SkinExpedition took the team to São Paulo, Brazil. Joined by #FOREOfamily member @pavllozengo, they took to the beautiful beaches to soak up the sun.

Out in the heat, it's important to keep your skin moisturized, and #LUNAfofo helps keep you aware of just how hydrated your skin is becoming. Just remember your SPF cream and to drink lots of water 💧
Tag a bestie who you would love to go on a Skin Expedition with 👇

For behind the scenes and bonus footage from the tour be sure to check out our Skin Expedition highlight reel located on our profile.

We would like to thank all of the Skin Expedition team that joined us on the tour: @jonysios @sophietatar @jan_soko and @laurenlewiss_. Also big thank you to @stewcaldo for filming the adventure and looking after the team!

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[GIVEAWAY: BLACK FRIDAY SURVIVAL KIT] Black Friday is coming! @morganalisonstewart is well aware that every Black Friday involves having to get up early, prepare for long queues in the cold, and mad dashes around shops to get the best deals!
This year #FOREO has got your back. We've developed the ultimate Black Friday Survival Kit to get through the busiest shopping day with ease - and we have 5 TO GIVE AWAY!

Watch the video to find out how you can win!
1st place will receive a kit for them and their friend, while 3 runners-up will receive a kit for themselves (sharing optional). What's in the survival kit?
#FOREOUFO + Advanced Masks
#FOREO exclusive coffee mug
@bioderma_de Sensibio Gel Moussant + Tonique
@hejorganic hand cream + lip balm set
@happyplugs earphones
@iphoria_official makeup bag with powerbank
@herbivorebotanicals assorted goodies!
@electric_bubblegum liquid makeup bag

Winners will be announced Tuesday 11/20 - Good luck!

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"A few months back I was asking advice on which face brush to add into my beauty regime. I wanted to let you know that I ended up going with the #LUNAmini2 from #FOREO for a few reasons -
1. It’s gentle & hygienic silicone design meant no brush replacements.
2. One battery charge lasts 5 months!
3. It removes makeup residue and dead skin cells after 1 minutes use, twice a day.
Honestly, the very first time I used it my skin felt crazy soft and much brighter - and that was only after one use! It’s been almost three weeks now and I don’t think I’ll ever look back... I’m officially converted!" 😍
Thank you @shardayengel for sharing with us your first time experience with the LUNA mini 2! 😃
Get yours and share the same experience! 😁
📷: @j0ynunes
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[GIVEAWAY CLOSED] We will announce the winners soon!
And you can double your chances of winning by entering the giveaway on the @karity channel too!

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We love the way @tamarawilliams1 captured @_moyap_'s beautiful skin in the photo! What helps calm your skin and keeps it looking great? @mizheidi has shared what helps her - "1) Avoid milk products 2) Fragrance-free 2.5% salicylic acid face wash 3) Fragrance-free moisturizer. Anddddd... My #FOREO #LUNAmini2 of course!" 😍
Share what helps calm your skin in the comments below 👇
📷: @tamarawilliams1/@_moyap_

"As soon as we landed in Punta Arenas we headed for our cruise down to Antarctica. After measuring my skin with the LUNA fofo I realized the low moisture was gonna be a problem. The freezing weather had dried out my skin so I used the FOREO UFO with an H20 overdose mask to save the day. I was so glad that I was able to enjoy the snow without damaging my skin." ❄️☃️ - @jonysios

The #SkinExpedition traded the heat and smoke of the city for a new threat to their skin - bitter cold. Luckily the LUNA fofo was not the only FOREO gadget brought with them, and Jony made use of the rehydrating effect of the H2Overdose mask to help combat the extreme elements the team faced. If you're a fan of penguins 🐧 you need to watch this!

#FOREO #LUNAfofo #FOREOUFO #UFOmask #travel #Antarctica #BlackFriday

#FOREO smashes record-breaking Singles Day 💥 - click the link in our bio to find out how: @foreo
China’s “middle-class consumers have experienced significant real wage growth over the past decade, and they are looking for high-quality products to satisfy their discretionary spend and an increasingly sophisticated lifestyle.” - Joe Tsai, Alibaba's executive vice chairman.

FOREO's growth in part can be put down to these trends in China, and FOREO thanks all of our fans across the globe for contributing to the success.

The future of beauty is here, will you be a part of it? 🙌

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Glowing skin is ALWAYS on trend! 🌟Thank you @iggy.lover4 for letting us know your secret to glowy skin: "I love to use a mask a few times a week, such as the #FOREOUFO Glow Addict 😍 I use a nice #vitamincserum and I like ol Erikson and finish it off with a nice moisturizer. Oh and don't forget to use a #FOREO LUNA device while washing the face."
📷: @laurenlewiss_
#FOREO #skincareroutine #skincarejunkie #glowingskin #skincarecommunity

"When we got to Malaysia it was an insane change in scenery. As soon as I got to the hotel I used the fofo to measure my skin, as after 15 hours of flying I have gotten pretty dehydrated. I did a quick cleanse and then put on lotion. After relaxing, we explored the markets and had dinner in the sky. 🌌The air felt kind of hazy, but we still enjoyed the heat, before we packed up ready to head someplace cold." - @jan_soko

Air pollution can have an effect on your skin, as the #SkinExpedition team found out in Kuala Lumpur, where the bustling city can really affect the needs of your skin. Luckily #LUNAfofo is able to measure this impact and adjust routine, ensuring you get the best out of it no matter the quality of the air around you. 🙌

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