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Föreningen Ekonomerna  The official Instagram of Föreningen Ekonomerna, the Business Association at Stockholm University.

I’M BACK BEACHES 🏝 My name is Sophia Rahmani aka Champagne Mami 🥂 and I am the Head of Marketing of Föreningen Ekonomerna! 💙 I’m in charge of our social media channels and our strategic marketing, and most importantly the best committee in the Association 👉 The Marketing Committee!✨🎉 I will be taking over the Insta for 48hrs so make sure to follow me around on our story! 💁🏻‍♀️💃🏻🔥 Btw, I’m fluent in emoji 😏🤙🏼 Don’t wait to apply for the board, do it now before the applications close! 🤩 #noragrets #foreningenekonomerna #election #whyyoustillreadingthis #lookatthestory 👆🏼

It’s time for all of you to get some insight in how we’re really doing business in the association! 😎

My name is Simon Jakobsen and I am the Head of Corporate Relations. That means that I am ultimately responsible for all collaborations to the business world! Apart from that, I have the honor to coach the chairs of the Entrepreneur Club, the Business Committee and the Finance Society in their daily work and be their contact in the Board. ✨

Alongside with that, I am of course engaged in tons of other FUN activities that you’ll get to take part of during these 48h that starts NOW! 🤩

If you have any questions or if you are interested in applying for the Board, do not hesitate to contact me at corporate@foreningenekonomerna.se 💙#foreningenekonomerna #election

This weekend the President and Vice President attended U9, a conference where the nine largest business associations and unions in Sweden meet to discuss how to improve our organisations and the education. The conference was a success and left us inspired ⭐️ Thank you @sasseofficial for having us! See you again in May! #foreningenekonomerna

Hey F.E.ST. Insta followers!!
Now its time for yet another board member to take over the Association insta⭐️My name is Emma Berger and I’m the Vice President and Head of Education👋 and the time has come for you to follow me around for the next 48h! You will get a peek into the my mysterious life as a board member and what one does when working with education and being the Vice President of Föreningen Ekonomerna 💙 I have some exciting things to show you these two days so buckle up and get ready because here we go! 🙌💥 #foreningenekonomerna #election

International and Marketing Committee gettin’ down @ their joint kick-off! 🔥 Want to join in on the fun? 🌟 Visit www.fest.se to find out more about the committees and clubs! 🙌🏼 #foreningenekonomerna

What’s up people!👊🏽 Did you get enough of money talk? Well that’s to bad for you, money never sleeps and it’s time for me to step into the spotlight for 48 hours! 💰

My name is Oktay Bagirbekov and I’m the Treasurer of Föreningen Ekonomerna. So what does a Treasurer do? I’m (together with the Vice Treasurer) responsible for managing the financial parts of the association, which includes things like working with budgets and accounting. Besides that the Treasurer is also partly responsible for our Asset Management Group and responsible for the financial part of our bar. If you have any questions regarding the role as Treasurer, feel free to contact me at treasurer@foreningenekonomerna.se

If you love money, follow my journey to more success the upcoming 48 hours, let’s go! 🌴🌴🌴#foreningenekonomerna #election

The project group of Fashion F.E.ST. stands in Ljusgården all day, come by and hang out! _________________
The contest is over! Congratulations @erikabasurto_ you're the winner of the two tickets and you will recieve a direct message from the project leaders⭐️ _________________

How to compete:

1. Follow Föreningen Ekonomerna on Instagram (foreningenekonomerna.se)

2. Like this picture and make a comment consisting of:
-One sentence describing your best styling trick for students
- Tag the person you would like to bring with you to FASHION F.E.ST. &
- Hashtag #fashionfest18
The winner will be announced on Sunday this week! #foreningenekonomerna

Hi everybody! It is time for me to do an INSTAGRAM TAKEOVER for 48 hours! Woho! And now you’re probably scratching your head, thinking: ”who are you?”. Alright, I´ll give you some pointers: Money, cash and bills. You guessed it, I am Nathalie Randelin, the Vice Treasurer of Föreningen Ekonomerna! I (together with the Treasurer) manage the financials of Föreningen Ekonomerna. This includes: going through budgets from all the committees and clubs, pay invoices and expenses, run the accounting, follow up budgets among many (!) other things. The Treasury also creates the budget for the whole association! Quite cool in my opinion!🌟 So being the Vice Treasurer, you work very (very) closely together with the Treasurer!

If you have any questions regarding the role as Vice Treasurer or are interested in applying, don’t hesitate to contact me through vicetreasurer@foreningenekonomerna.se! But now - let’s get started! Tag along during my 48 hours!💥😍💃🙌🏼 #foreningenekonomerna #elections

Hi everyone! 👋🏼 My name is Natalie, aka Mrs Worldwide, and I'm the Head of International Affairs. Now it's time for my 48 hour instagram takeover ⚡️ Some of my main responsibilites include being the contact person for International Committee and Master's Club ⭐️ I am also partly responsible of Fadderiet to make sure all of our international students get the best possible welcome 🎈Finally, I get to take part in a lot of cool stuff and at the moment I am in Uppsala for a workshop weekend called I-Forum with international respresentatives from 7 different student associations 💡follow the story if you are curious to find out more... #MrsWorldwide #iForum #foreningenekonomerna #elections18

Ekonomernas Dagar 2018 was a success ✨🎉 A big thanks to the exhibiting companies, EY, the project leaders, project group, associates and co-workers! 💙💚 Our biggest project is now looking for new project managers for ED 2019! 💚🐸 Are you up for the task? More info will be published on Facebook soon, stay tuned 😍💙 #foreningenekonomerna @ekonomernasdagar

The preparations for Ekonomernas Dagar 2018 are in full swing! Of course we will have a booth so make sure to swing by tomorrow for some popcorn and competitions 🍿⛳️💚 #foreningenekonomerna #ed2017 @ekonomernasdagar

YO HOLD UP! It's IT time on the association Instagram! My name is Melker Mattsson and I am the Head of IT at Föreningen Ekonomerna and resident hat wearer and nerd of the Board. I am responsible for the IT environment, the website, membership system, and I'm the contact person for our awesome IT Committee. It's my turn to take over the Instagram for the next 48 hours so tag along and check out what my role entails!
If you have any questions or if you are interested in applying for the board, feel free to holler at me at it@foreningenekonomerna.se! #election

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