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Returning 💗

I like these 💗

They call me heartless because I chose to give it to you💗

I'm really tired of seeing stuff like this on social media 🤦🏾‍♀️ and it's funny because half of y'all that say this is black men and how do u think your mom would fell as being a black women herself and your basically just labeling her as a whore, lonely, ugly, and all these other things on a day to day bases I hear people say dark skin is ugly or she's can't be beautiful because of her skin and dead ass when I hear those words come out y'all mouth y'all ready just disgust the fuck out of me but it doesn't matter cuz at the end of the day there still gonna be be doing them and loving themselves regardless or not of what have to say and we don't need weave to be beautiful either I think our nappy, kinky, curly hair is beautiful and you honestly just more better as a person embracing it so at the end of the day where still gonna love ourselves and ignore what u hating ass bitch gotta say cuz obviously your momma ain't teach y'all they true meaning of black power 💗❗️

Love is all you need❣️

I'm the cigarette your the smoker ✨



Cant express how much i love being black💖



Does it start to fell like the night time🤔 watch what he do when the light shine🖤

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