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Battle Bots brings all men together. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’m being trolled by FitBit. This isn’t my device. Mine has been sitting on the bathroom counter, not functioning, for about 18 months. But a way more British, ambitious, well-rested and fit version of me is doing a great job. 👏

Happy Friday from the Unintentionally Coordinated Crew. 😎

Happy birthday to the guy who does everything for us. Who is the low key to my crazy and the analytics to my chaos. He doesn’t spend a moment on social media and maybe that’s why he’s far more sane than I am. Well, there’s probably a whole blog post in there somewhere but, for now, cake and wine. ❤️🎉🍾

3rd grade style tip: After choosing your palette, be sure to truly, fully commit. 😎

I had to stop watching the news and rage tweeting. A picnic lunch on a gorgeous fall day isn't going to fix everything, but it makes the day slightly less horrifying. 💔

It's sad that fifth grade is late to try a new sport, but that's how it seems now. So when my not-at-all-athletic child decided to give flag a go this year for the first time, I was worried. He is still learning and it doesn't come easily to him at all. It's a huge effort. But yesterday he scored a touchdown, because his coaches and team mates gave him a shot and had his back. It wasn't a play off game or even a tie-breaker, and most kids get this moment a lot, but it was huge for him. I've seen way too much crazy and nasty in the world lately, but this little football play on a rec field did more for my son -- and my soul -- than I can possibly say. ❤️🙌

Looking for something to do for the day? Have some time to kill? Interested in visiting customer service hell? Then may I suggest randomly choosing today as the day to, once and for all, attempt to recover your super-old AOL account because you think there's an old email in there that you need to find.
Four transfers, 1.5 phone hours, 1 online hour and countless security questions later about questions I SET UP IN 1998, I succeeded. And I found the obscure email from 2004 I was looking for.
Bonus: I've now fallen down a rabbit hole of email exchanges made in my Single & Living in Manhattan Years. It's a glorious flux capacitor.
Dinner will have to make itself, kids. Mom's busy re-living her youth. 😩

Surprise stop on a day off from school. Pretty sure I'm late to the game on the rolled ice cream thing, but it was worth the delay.

Color me stunned. I can't remember the last time I saw this 14 year-old boy jump up onto a piece of furniture. I suspect some additional napping will now be in order. (Also, I hate this chair. But that's a post for another day.) #senorthepug #pugsofinstagram #puglife

Confession: My four year old was still sleeping in a crib until today. He liked the crib, never tried to climb out -- so, why not? But he was more than ready for a bed. And so, after ten years of having one of my children in this crib every night, we took it down today. Things like this get to me -- seeing something that was an absolute fixture in my house have its usage outgrown by my kids. But, one new bed and Lightning McQueen sheet set later, everyone has moved on. (Almost everyone.) ❤️

My old back to school photos popped up on Facebook this week. All three kids starting pre-school at age 4. 😩❤️

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