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alina  — star wars [ svp & ae ]

tlj // flicker warning
dt; @forceveined @anidala.x @screwskywalker
@editsbyfaithh @thesmotschpit @starkiller.vine
@lukecrywalker_ @wavyskywalker


song; 100 day delay - atlas
sorry for this trash tho [#starwarsedit #omgsw #tljedit]

happy birthday sean! @thesmotschpit
ib; arkheda (vine)

This is choppy af and I was too lazy to do typography oops

song; chief keef - don't like (remix)
#starwarsedit #obiwankenobi

❝It's time for the Jedi to end.❞
for mike @glacialchief lol snxnns

this could've turned out a lot better
(also sorry for that voiceover, it didn't
sound like that before I rendered it)

song; rusty k - dark eyes
#tljedit #starwarsedit

Happy birthday faith!!
Hope you have an amazing day 💗
This is a total mess but I hope you like it

song; zephyr - everytime

this is really simple I'm sorry
-song; tears by priz on soundcloud

#starwarsedit #leiaorgana #padmeamidala

❝I love you.
― I know.❞
for rachel ly
song: alicks - sympathy
sorry for the glitches

✿ ✿ ✿
❝She was... very beautiful.
― Kind... but sad.❞
for Talia / @scarlettamidala
- song: medasin - leaving earth
- stole that anakin/padme transition
near the end from slayamidala
- ignore the glitches thanks

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