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Julie Hashimoto-McCreery  born and raised on kaua'i, ʜɪ | currently living in ashland, օʀ | writer, photographer, recipe-maker, pizza enthusiast.

Twice baked potatoes tonight with steamed broccoli (which, honestly I made all for myself but Craig and Silas also ate), @traderjoes veggie chicken sausage (THE BEST!) and some leftover cranberry apple pear sauce from the other night! #vegetariandinner #thefeedfeed #food52 #dontpanicitsallorganic

#Taco Wednesday? (Taco EVERY DAY, thanks!) #Vegetarian tacos on my favorite @donpanchofoods street taco tortillas (Golden Blend— they’re corn AND flour tortillas!).

Bread experiments continue. #Sourdough #SourdoughBread #SourdoughBaking

#dinnerfortwo : pan seared halibut with a lemony butter sauce, steamed broccoli and homemade rice-a-roni. I asked my husband, “How many pieces of broccoli do you want or will you eat?” “One.” 😂 He got FOUR and said they were good. #toddlerhusband 🤣

In 33 years I’ve had a number of dogs that I’ve loved so very much ... but this girl. She’s the goods. Even when she’s naughty. Even when I gotta tell little kids they can’t pet her because she doesn’t always wanna be friends. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #PercyJean #BorderCollieChowChow #Chowlie #dogsofinstagram #mamasgirl #donttellpapa

Sometimes you just gotta bake a friend a pie. 🍑🥧 Buttermilk Peach Pie today! #foodgifting

Sometimes you just gotta make yourself some #terichickenmusubi for lunch. Not as good as @PonoMarket but good enough. 😂 🍙 #organic #musubi #hawaiigirlforever

About 75% of my days are spent doing shit like this. 😂 #notevenjoking #minimillies (pardon the bag of trash that needed to be taken out and the piece of nori in my teeth 🤣 #reallife)

Butternut squash mac and cheese: a successful experiment. 👌🏽 Green salad + homemade breadsticks for fun. 😂 @meatlessmonday #vegetarianrecipes #vegetarian #dinner

I had plans to make some fancy sandwiches tonight on homemade #sourdough... but plans changed. Didn’t get home until after 7, it was after 8:30 before the bread was done and at that point I didn’t feel like making #sammiches 😂 So! #toastfordinner ! 🍞 1) avocado/flaky salt/white pepper/red chili flakes 2) raw monterey jack cheese/heirloom pineapple tomatoes/oregano/himalayan pink salt/fresh ground pepper 3) honey peanut butter and strawberry jam 👌🏽 #toast #gimmecarbs #homemadebread


A lot of folks don’t enjoy cooking for themselves. I actually really enjoy it these days. There were certain times in my life I never imagined being able to say that. I know calorie counting, restricting and disordered eating, firsthand, very well. But here I am. I mean, I like cooking for other folks too, but I also thoroughly enjoy making myself something to eat I know I’ll enjoy, that I also know I don’t have to share with anyone. 😂 Sometimes this means boxed mac and cheese, maybe with a side of peppery broccoli. Sometimes it’s cheesy popcorn and beer (lets be real). Chocolate cake with ganache that I know I’ll cut into 4 giant squares and enjoy over the course of 2 days? Sometimes it’s sourdough french toast with lots of fresh fruit. Sometimes it means scrounging up whatever is around and making a one-lady-sourdough-pizza with leftover roasted chicken, garlic oil, lots of fresh garlic, red chili flakes, parmesan, mozzarella, feta, garden tomatoes, scallions and some fresh avocado (and a cheese-stuffed crust). #pizzapizza #thefeedfeed #dinnerforone #sourdough #pizza #notsharing

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