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Leah Brown  Unplug in the Kootenays with Footsteps alpine hiking and yoga retreats. Come explore the expansive mountain ranges and soak in all the beauty

Baja accom... thanks @baja_zen . It was totally awesome staying here in the wild desert

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Meet our Yoga Team (post# 4)

Meet Christine Parton @ fireside art therapy
Christine will be joining us for the Yoga in the Mountains retreat July 13-15 with Meagan Bond. Christine will be offering art therapy workshops throughout the weekend.
Christine's Bio:
Christine Parton, BA, DKATI (2016) is a certified Art Therapist with a background in creative writing and community engagement. She has
experience working with youth and adults
dealing with anxiety, grief, dementia and stress. She offers outdoor/forest therapy and a variety of client-led art activities to help others reconnect
with the Earth and with themselves. Christine is
a mother, lover of canoeing and labyrinths, and
traveller who has lived on both the East and
West coasts of Canada, before choosing to settle in the Kootenays seven years ago.

This retreat is a 3 day hike in retreat @mountcarlyle
The cost is 375$. A booking can be made by contacting leah at
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My love of the sea is forever. Cleanses me inside and out. Lulls me to sleep, guides my breath to be steady and deep.
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Thank you Yandara for creating an experience I will never forget. Not only will I not forget, but will continue to nurture and share these beautiful lessons I have learned here. Pretty sure I will return for further training.
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A day in the life at Yandara yoga training in baja. Blessed

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Meet our yoga team (post #3)

Meet Amy @yogamy_wellness
Amy will be leading us in her unique style of Ashtanga/hatha flow at Carlyle Lodge August 16/17/18 🌞
🌚The moon will be just waning from full
🧘‍♀️Amy's Bio:
With 8 years of practice, I am an experienced yoga practitioner who lives for music, dance, travel, nutrition, and of course yoga! Guided by my respected teachers, I put into practice Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Meditation and Yin. Drawn to traditional lineage and the spiritual aspects of the practice, I weave mantras, Sanskrit names, yogic philosophy, pranayama and meditation techniques into my classes. My love for music and my ritual of incorporating song into class, is rooted in the belief that sound offers healing vibrations that helps us shift negativity and release our inner light. Music is a powerful aid in yoga asana to form a union between your breath, movement and consciousness. I typically sing mantra’s during Shavasana to place students in a relaxed deep meditative state. Yoga has expanded my belief system to allow me to greet everything life has to offer with compassion, humility, respect, and most importantly laughter and music. My experience on and off my mat has enabled me to explore ‘the journey of the self, through the self, to the self’ (The Bhavagad Gita).


This trip is hike in access staying 2 nights and 3 days.
The cost is $375
Bookings can be made by emailing leah at
with a 175$deposit.

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Meet our yoga team(post#2)

Meet Hamsa, @inhale.up ..this is her 3rd year with our retreats
Hamsa will be teaching Kundalini at Carlyle 🌻July 26/27/28/29 , 2019
🌙with the new moon coming we will be setting intentions °
🧘‍♀️Hamsa's Bio:
Forever a student, and evolving as a teacher, hamsa has been a yogini in training for over 20 years. she teaches the spectrum from ashtanga to yin to kundalini, trained in many schools, and certified at the 1000hr. level in yoga therapy. Hamsa leads trainings and retreats internationally and classes in her community in the Slocan Valley, BC
Most comfortable in the wilder places on the planet, she is thrilled to be collaborating with footstepsecoadventures taking the practices to the mountains, assisting people on their journey towards inner peace. °
This hike in retreat is a 3 night 4 day adventure. I am offering a third night after requests for more magic time at Carlyle to fully release.
The cost is $475. A booking can be made to leah at Footsteps with a deposit of 175$.

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Meet the Yoga Team at Yoga in the Mountains (post#1)

Meet Meagan Bond @soulbondcreative
Meagan will be returning for her 3rd year, teaching our first retreat of 2019 at Carlyle Lodge
🌼JULY 13/14/15
🌚The moon will be waxing to full over the weekend
🖌There will be an art therapist running workshops and exercises
* 🧘‍♀️MB: I have been living and teaching in Nelson BC for the past 6 years, gaining my 200 RYT certification there with Open Source Yoga.  I first started yoga 15 years ago with my mom’s yoga VHS to help with chronic body pain.  From there it evolved from a way to heal myself to a way of life. Meditation and mantra have been great tools in times of anxiety and stress, and have now become the motivation in my art practice. I love to be creative in my yoga practice by sequencing Vinyasa and Hatha Flows to connect deeply with the self and natural surroundings. Classes are alignment based and consist of slow and strong movement steeped with focus on the core. My other love is Yin Yoga. This is an ideal way to recover after “yang” or active activities. An intense inner journey comes with this style as most focus is on de-cluttering the mind.  And if one is still enough in the body and mind a sense of the subtle body, or energetic body is possible.
Morning classes will face the sunrise and have focus on backbends and core stabilizing, while evening classes will focus on hips and hamstrings to relax and unwind the body after hiking.  Throughout the retreat a short mantra will be taught that speaks to the feminine energy of the earth.  We will recite this mantra at the end of each practice while in a seated circle, followed by meditation where our awareness settles on all sounds and sensations of the environment.
* 🙏💜
This is a 'hike in' retreat of 2 nights and 3 days for 375$. Bookings can be made with a $175 deposit to Leah at Footsteps Eco

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Start planning your summer adventures NOW before you get too busy and forget about treating YOURSELF! Walk into these beautiful mountains with us to release from everything for 3 or 4 whole days. You deserve it.

Limited spots avaiable from July to Sept. Contact Leah to book with a 175$ deposit.

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Haha.. just goes to show.. yoga can be done almost anywhere...for even just 5 or 10 mins. Take the time and space to breathe and say good to morning to yourself first

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