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After many recommendations, I finally pushed myself to head to @ennabigrill in the heart of Khobar which I usually avoid thanks to the busy streets. Things were different this time, a lot quieter.
@asafuvan and I were quite hungry so we decided to go all out. The menu is in Arabic and can be quite a pain to translate. The Tamilian waiter was super helpful so we ordered 3 items on the menu that the guy recommended.
In less than a week, I was going to experience my second “Sweet Meat” dish, this time in the form of “Pomegranate Awsal”, meat cubes cooked well and molasses drizzled over it in moderation. The meat was well cooked and I love the tangy taste of molasses. The garlic paste definitely elevates the flavour. The second dish, “Spicy Kebab” on a bed of mashed tomatoes served with fries was a waste of money with the kebabs having no real spice or flavour. The 3rd dish, “Mix Grill” barely occupied a place in @safuvan stomach, and the awsal wasn’t as good as the ones I got.
The total came to SR. 110 and for the quantity we received, it wasn’t really worth it. I would only go back for the “Pomegranate Awsal” and that too, if I had change to spare! #FoodwithShayne #Khobar #Dammam
Location: Al Ennabi Grill
التاسع عشر، الخبر الشمالية، Al Khobar Al Shamalia, Al Khobar 34425
9200 06396

My favourite kinda meal, Kebabs 😍.
These chicken kebabs are from Al Joafa Restaurant, the friendly neighbourhood Turkish restaurant near where I live. This is my go to place for Grilled Chicken. 🙌🏽 #FoodwithShayne #Thoqbah #Khobar #Turkish

If you haven’t been to @r.ayamzaman yet, now is a good time to go and try the “Istanbuli Kebabs (Spicy)”. Their menu had a lot to choose from and these came highly recommend.
What are you having for dinner today? #FoodwithShayne

It’s time for Lunch and i’m counting down the days when i get to eat a good decent homemade meal (and the wedding 😜).
A good combination of Fish, Rice & Veggies for a healthy balanced meal 😍 #FoodwithShayne #Kozhikode #Kerala #Malayalee

I had one of the funkiest combinations today after a very long time. After almost 3 weeks of Keto and 9 Kilos lost, i decided I wanted to treat myself. Just the other day, @lebaneseinkhobar had posted about “Cherry 🍒 Kebabs” from @rayealmshwyat and I was actually excited.
Off I went after prayer time to get a bite to eat. I had absolutely no idea what it was called in Arabic so I showed him a picture instead. I didn’t get a word he said but I had to pay SR. 38 🤑

I just don’t know how to explain this dish. The sauce felt like molasses but ended up being concentrated cherry that was super sweet, garnished with a few pine nuts and a spice powder.
I really couldn’t taste the meat without the help of the garlic paste but for some reason I quite enjoyed the sweetness (It is excessively sweet). The pine nuts added a nice crunch and without the garlic paste, it is just sweet meat.
A very confusing dish indeed 🇸🇦 #FoodwithShayne #Khobar #Syrian #Sharqiya
Location: Rayealmshwyat
5119 25th St, Al Khobar Al Janubiyah, Al Khobar 34622
013 802 1865

Naga’s at @hilitemallcalicut food court serves up a decent fare. Have you tried it out yet? #FoodwithShayne #Kozhikode #Kerala #Calicut

#Bahraini #Halwa” is not like the Halwa’s we get back in #India. Tastes almost the same, but the best part is being able to scoop it out with a spoon. What is your favourite HALWA? #FoodwithShayne

In our quest to eat the best meats & grills, we chanced upon this joint in the heart of Dammam. “Baraha Iraqi Kebab Restaurant” is an Iraqi restaurant (I’m not sure it is) that had a bit of a crowd. That is always a good indication so we settled in to order.
I ordered the “Mix Grill” (SR. 30) and I was quite surprised by the portions. The kebabs were big and seasoned generously with Sumac.
Quite average really. The meat had no big flavour and the chicken was quite the same too. Not bad but could be better, but top marks for the quantity 🙌🏽. #FoodwithShayne #Sharqiya
Location: Baraha Iraqi Kebab Restaurant
Saad Ibn Muath St, Ghirnatah، Ghirnatah, Dammam 32245
013 843 2642

Broccoli and Boiled Chicken for Lunch. Not a bad combination if you ask me. Keto going strong 💪🏽 #FoodwithShayne

There is no good way of eating #Idli, #Sambhar & #Chutney. It is meant to get messy and that’s exactly when it tastes the best.
I love to drown my Idlis in yummy curry. And no, i don’t use a spoon. You must eat with your hands 😍 #FoodwithShayne #Kerala #Mallugram #Mallu #Kozhikode

നല്ല പൊരിച്ച മീൻ

I absolutely love fried fish and the way we do it in #Kerala is my absolute favourite. Marinated in 🌶 powder, Ginger Garlic Paste and a few other ingredients it is a sight to watch the fish turn golden brown.
How do you like your fish? #FoodwithShayne #Kozhikode #calicutfood 🐟

Smoked Brisket being prepped to plate at @oak_saudi 😍
Do you know any other joints in #Sharqiya that serves smoked meats? Hit me up! 🇸🇦 #FoodwithShayne #Khobar #Dammam #Dhahran

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