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Food Tetris Nutrition  Macro-Based Nutrition Coaching - Plans specific for your goals and lifestyle • Health • Gym/Sport Performance • Aesthetics


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#fitfemale Goes out to @christaalexandra_ftnutrition from Lynchburg, VA. Christa is a gymnastics coach and Crossfit coach at @crossfitlynchburg. Additionally she is part owner and nutrition coach of @foodtetrisnutrition. Her favorite quotes include Psalm 139:14 "fearfully and wonderful made" and "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." We are so thankful for her support especially from afar!!! #enduranceapparelandgear #featurefriday #crossfitcoach #supportlocal #shopsmall #supportlocalathletes #fitness #foodtetris #crossfitlynchburg

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It is not selfish to refill your own cup so you can pour into others.
Nutrition and exercise are not luxuries, they are essential to taking care of yourself.
DM me to make a plan to prioritize your nutrition and health! @foodtetrisnutrition
📷— @adambarnesphoto

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Starting the day with veggies!! What’s your favorite vegetable to add to breakfast? Currently eating zucchini, onions & spinach cooked in grass-fed butter, add eggs & leftover meat from dinner!!! Super simple & easy!! #eatrealfood #realfoodisbeautiful @foodtetrisnutrition

•More training will never outweigh poor sleep and nutrition•
-- @CodyBoomBoom1

So many of us have the mindset that more is always better. "If I can just get an extra session in every day, I can get ahead of _____". Sound familiar?
What if you actually took a rest day instead of hitting two training sessions so that you can let your body recover?
Whether you are looking to see more fat loss or your goal is purely performance, focusing on your recovery and rest may be just the thing needed. ----------
• Do you have a lack of appetite despite the training you are doing?
• Motivation in your daily life or in the gym stalling out?
• Weights that typically move easy feeling heavier than they should?
Shoot me a DM and let's talk! ————— 📷 - @adambarnesphoto 👟 - @nobullproject 🏋 - @crossfitlynchburg
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Dreaming of warm days at the market... Real food is BEAUTIFUL!
Simple post from coach @amandaruhl_ftnutrition that couldn’t be more true!! It’s so easy to find ourselves not eating a variety of colorful veggies in the winter! They are more important now than ever though while we are all trying to stay healthy during flu and cold season.
What are your favorite ways to prepare your greens and veggies?? Post below!!

•Self love is making your physical, mental, and emotional health a priority•
Taking time for yourself is not selfish. It’s necessary in order to live a long and healthy life with your loved ones.
DM us and we can work on a plan to prioritize your nutrition and health this year!
Coach @christaalexandra29 📷: @adambarnesphoto

Transformations like this don’t happen in a few weeks.. but continuing to focus on nutrition and fitness with consistency and determination for 52 weeks is another story. “The body transformation doesn’t even begin to tell the story though. I personally have grown more than that picture will ever show”. #healthyhabits #workout #crossfit #wod #gethealthy #fitlife #fitfam #igfit #fitnessjourney #muscle #gym #gains #realfood #diet #iifym

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I debated posting this for a long time for obvious reasons, but the transformation for 2017 was incredible for me. At the start of the year, I was in a terrible place physically. I was eating poorly and working out sporadically. I felt terrible. But at the turn of the new year, I committed to taking care of myself and being responsible for my body. I started being very intentional about what I was eating thanks to the help of @foodtetrisnutrition. And the results have been incredible. Some changes were immediate; most have taken much longer; and still others are yet to come. I’m still in the middle of my journey - it’s far from complete. But it is awesome to look back and see the results of trusting the process and lots of hard work. #HWPO #HardWorkPaysOff #FoodTetris #FlexibleDieting #MacroLife #Transformation #BeforeAndAfter #CrossFit

Merry Christmas! We hope you have a wonderful day with your loved ones and lots of yummy treats 🤗. A day of untracked food does the body (and mind) good 💪🏽.

This doesn’t mean that carbs or fat is bad though! Often people think their diet is awful so they cut out a large amount of carbs or fat and in doing so drop their calories. What if we can redistribute the calories to include more protein and get you feeling your best without starving you?

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Cold hard truth people—you cannot out-train a 💩 diet. That doesn’t mean you can’t indulge every once in awhile, but improving your nutrition (and being consistent with it) needs to be a priority. Easiest way to start is making sure you’re consuming an adequate amount of protein (to build muscle) and carbs (to fuel your workouts). ⠀

Start fueling your body properly with the proper nutrition and you may surprise yourself with the body comp changes that will happen! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 #Repost @sonyawilliams524 (@get_repost)
I did an “InBody” today just for fun and was so extremely happy with the results ! Shocked that my muscles weigh 76lbs and I fall in the lean category! (Even after eating Chipotle for lunch) Thank you, thank you @christaalexandra29 @foodtetrisnutrition for coaching me on how to eat tons of food 😜 and lean this body of mine out! I couldn’t have smiled more when the guy said I was born in 1982 not 1972, right?!! #foodtetrisnutrition #crossfitgirls #leanmuscles #getfit #gethealthyagain #ifeelhealthyagain #hardworkpayingoff💯 #tryingtobestrong

Another #foodtetrisnutrition client showing what hard work in the gym and in the kitchen can do.
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Alright so this is a little touchy for me! The photo on the left was me last year, weighing in at 256 pounds unable to do a lot. In February of this year I let a friend talk me into #CrossFit and I went and enjoyed every minute of it. Since then I’ve been training at least 4-5 days a week. As of my latest weigh in, I am down to 221 pounds (on right). I have taken away so much the past few months with #crossfitunifyroanoke , I’ve gained confidence in myself and am doing things I thought I’d never be able to do. For that reason, I am #gratefulforcrossfit and to the coaches at #crossfitunifyroanoke for pushing me to be the best every single day. Proud to be a #unifiedathlete
Also, thankful to my nutrition coach at @foodtetrisnutrition for keeping me on track with my goals. I owe a lot to them for helping me learn my body and it’s needs :) #finallysawthefirstpackofthesixpack #crossfittraining #fitnessjourney #constantlyvaried @crossfitunifyroanoke

Don’t wait until Monday to get back on track!

Happy Thanksgiving!! We are beyond thankful for our clients and all of the hard work you put in each day! You guys allow us to keep doing something we love! 🧡

Give your body and mind a break today and enjoy time and and good food with your family!
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Holidays should involve far more than worrying about the food we eat
Let's continue the quest for BALANCE!
Link is in the bio!
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When we imagine our “best selves”, we’re really just imagining who we could be if we actually made all of the choices our soul calls for us to make.

You see, the best version of us is attainable, it’s just that we don’t want to lose some of the things we love…like the nights of partying, the random hookups, the drug highs. We don’t want to give up the things that feel momentarily good to have to pay attention to ourselves, clean up our lives, and begin to clear out the heaviness of some of the realities of what is really happening.

I’m not saying partying can’t be fun, I’ve been to many good parties myself… It’s that at some point the decisions we’ve been making need to shift, and we will know when it’s time for that shift. We just often ignore it, and then the pain persists, and we need bigger highs to hide our truths.

Do you get it? We just numb the things that don’t feel good so we don’t have to pay attention to them. So, your best self is on the other side of acknowledging what is true, finally making the changes you’ve been avoiding, and creating a life that always feels good, not just when you’re on the other end of a bottle. You have to want it more than you’re afraid of the effort you need to put in to get it. #createthelove

Impressive PRs by some #foodtetrisnutrition clients this month!
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@foodtetrisnutrition client crushing it in the gym!! PR’s in both weightlifting & gymnastics this month! Great job @haileyjeann14.


Happy Monday Y’all

If you’re looking for some good macro friendly recipes with quality ingredients, this is a great page to check out!

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Balsamic Grilled Chicken, Brussels with Bacon, and Sweet Potato Applesauce Mash. Link in bio
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Amazing progress from this @foodtetrisnutrition client! How did she do it? Consistency, communication with her coach & trusting the process!! This was not a 30 day low calorie/starvation transformation. She is a weightlifter that will not sacrifice performance for aesthetics, but this is the result! Only a three pound difference in body weight and eating more food than when she started!! #winning #flexibledieting #weightlifting #nutrition #nutritioncoaching #macros

Hard work (in and outside of the gym) paid off today for #foodtetrisnutrition clients!
Awesome job guys!! #festivusgames

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Proud coach moment. These ladies kicked butt today in their competition!! Amazing job ❤️ #foodtetrisnutrition #festivusgames #ftn @foodtetrisnutrition

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