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Start off your week with a big bowl of açaí and get ready to tackle this dreaded Monday. You got this. 📸 FR's @dannycarnaje #fravorites #acaibowl

Sundays are for Steaks! And Standing! @themostcuriousgeorge just took down this juicy filet at the first U.S. branch of standing-room-only @ikinaristeakusa. #fravorites

Live from the brand-new Manhattan branch of BK original Sushi Katsuei is @themostcuriousgeorge and tonight's dinner special - a live sea urchin, fresh from Maine. Still moving? ✅. Incredible? ✅. #fravorites

Citrus comes in so many different and beautiful colors, inside and out. @uglyproduceisbeautiful shows us an array of different grapefruits and blood oranges. #FRavorites

Hi all - Chef @jehangirmehta here, taking over Food Republic's Instagram for a minute! This silky, garlicky soup from @graffitiearth is a delicious, no-waste recipe that allows you to use up all of those leftover vegetable scraps. The soup has a different flavor every time it's made, based on what scraps I've accumulated that week. Coming up, I'll be at the #ZeroWasteFood Conference at the Institute of Culinary Education, discussing repurposing food waste and sharing approaches to find new uses for what would be otherwise thrown away, from ugly vegetables to the by-products of food production. #FRTakeover #FRavorites #wasteddoc #earthday

In case you haven't heard, ugly produce is equally beautiful and delicious! @uglyproduceisbeautiful shows us exactly how gorgeous these carrots, citrus, beets and other veggies and fruits are. #FRavorites #earthday

It’s a shocking statistic: Americans throw out nearly 40% of their food. As this number has made the rounds over the past few years, chefs, organizations and home cooks have started to take action, but there’s a long road ahead. That’s why we’ve created Zero-Waste Week, where we’re devoting most of our content to the issue of #foodwaste, from interviews with notable figures involved in taking action to recipes to help you turn seemingly spent ingredients into delicious dishes. #wasteddoc #fravorites #earthday

Where are your favorite tacos in LA? @dannycarnaje would like to know. Comment below 👇 #fravorites

Gefilte bites with @wikapadia & fam for Passover! #fravorites

We checked out the #lospolloshermanos pop-up yesterday! Head to our Stories to see what it was like. #FRavorites #BetterCallSaul #LPHIsHiring

Puttin' in work on the weekends. Prime time. (📸: @dannycarnaje) #FRavorites

The magical Valentino special from #defontes in Brooklyn. 🍆 🌶 provolone 🧀 #fravorites 🎥: @rmtimbre

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