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Geared up for the #Oscars like...🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿 #fravorites (📸 @ruanekrista)

Madagascar vanilla soft-serve with everything and salted caramel sauce #fravorites @wikapadia

This has been @katieparla reporting from #Tokyo! Last stop before heading home to Rome: #Thailand. Follow my feed for more tasty treats. #FRTakeover #FRantasyTravel

Set in a beautifully restored traditional house, this natural wine bar in Nishi-Azabu may be my favorite find of the trip. The wood-accented interior was a calming setting for decompressing after a long day of grazing. And even better than the atmosphere was the wine list, which featured gorgeous natural wines from Japan!!! @katieparla #FRTakeover #FRantasyTravel

I have to give it up to @akiraakuto for always sending me lists of his favorite coffee spots wherever I may be traveling. I randomly stumbled upon this recommendation—one of about 20 he gave for Tokyo—while strolling around Shibuya. The place feels more like a modern art museum than a cafe and the interior is awash in white geometry, quite a trippy place for a jet lagged brain. @katieparla #FRTakeover #FRantasyTravel

If you don’t mind openly weeping at the bar when you are overcome by the balance and precision of Sawada’s perfect sushi, then by all means, try to book one of the 6 seats at this legendary sushi spot in Ginza. Don’t plan on doing anything too intense after. At the end of our 20-piece lunch (sorry no pics allowed), my travel pals @ericwareheim, @chloewise_, @pizzacamp and I were frankly distraught that the spectacular meal was over. Here we are on the street outside feeling emotional with the linen napkins Sawada-san gifted us on our way out. @katieparla #FRTakeover #FRantasyTravel

Hey it’s @katieparla again and it’s my final day of my #FRTakeover from Tokyo! First up, this serene garden around Yakumo Saryo is beginning to bloom, hinting at the arrival of spring. Past the garden, the serene interior of this classical tea house is the perfect place to sip tea with a side of wagashi, traditional Japanese confections. #FRantasyTravel

Ahiru is my ideal neighborhood wine bar and I would have visited a few times if it wasn’t so hard to get into—the space is tiny and the bar is super popular. It was absolutely worth waiting outside in the cold for nearly an hour and a half for a tight seat at the bar. The wine list is amazing and the onion flatbread was delicious (s/o to @wandrlstng for the rec and being my global bread guru)! @katieparla #FRTakeover #FRantasyTravel

This popular izakaya in Shibuya served us a parade of dishes—sashimi on ice, grilled meat, veggie platters (can someone please explain to me how the asparagus and tomatoes are so spectacular in the middle of winter?), noodles, and more. Book well in advance (at the bar if possible) and prepare yourself for a sake-fueled night. @katieparla #FRTakeover #FRantasyTravel

Just like back home in Italy, Japan’s beer scene is dominated by the big industrial brands, but there’s a small and growing craft beer movement brewing in the Japanese capital. See it in action at this brewpub and try one of the beers infused to order with domestic hops. @katieparla #FRTakeover #FRantasyTravel

I can’t go more than 2 days without eating amazing pizza so Tokyo is the perfect destination for me. The city has long embraced thick-rimmed pies thanks to Susumu Kakinuma who dutifully produces Naples-style pizza at Seirinkan in Naka-Meguro. The three-story pizzeria lists 2 pies on its menu (margherita and marinara), but if you’re lucky, the pizza master may grant your request of an off-menu white pizza topped with buttery melted cheese. @katieparla #FRTakeover #FRantasyTravel