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Hi, it’s Eric Cooper, Chef @foragecambridge. I've lived and worked all over the world and insome pretty crazy places at that. South African townships, Tibetan refugee communities, Antarctic research stations. Cooking has been good to me that way. A good meal - really, any meal - will bring a few people together. How we get the food to the table, though, where it comes from, whom we buy it from, how we cook it… That builds a community. Sourcing locally is fun and challenging. But I'm also working with our farmers to build a regional food economy, to help keep the land under production and rural and even urban communities alive. That's my main focus now and it's what I look for every time I cook a meal. I hope you join us to experience that. #frtakeover #foragecambridge

​Currently on the menu @foragecambridge:​ Seared Arctic char, Sky 8 farm shrimp,​ MDI​ mussels & root veg poached in spicy coconut & rum broth.​ #frtakeover​

​We love to experiment with fermentation and pickling@foragecambridge​ ​One way to infuse and intensify flavors. I always recommend the pickle plate ​with house made #butter . Fun to share and a great way to start a meal. #pickles #fermentation #fermented #veggies #frtakeover #farmtotable

#wine is an integral part of @foragecambridge. We support small producers that make wine naturally with minimal intervention. ​@coturri_winery is one of our favorite winemakers in the US​ and has been making #naturalwine since the 60’s before it was even hip. Stan and Tony have known each other for ten years and both share the same down to earth-yet serious attitude about wine. ​We're pumped Tony bottle​d​ something for us, in Magnums​ only​, to pour #bytheglass #frtakeover​ #biggerisbetter #forageblend

​Hi! It's Stan, owner/gm from @foragecambridge. ​#teaching is as important as #learning . It’s also important to ​have fun too​!​ We learn from each other everyday ​at Forage ​& I like to do the same with my kids. ​Being a small restaurant owner and a parent isn’t the easiest, but when I can​ spend time with my kids &​ teach them how to make #gochujang from scratch, I try to #spice things up​ & have fun! #behindthescenes #dadjokes #thefutureisnow #yesthoseglovesarewaytoobiganduncomfortable​ #frtakeover​

​"Staghorn Sour" : ​Sumac Infused ​@bullyboybooze​ White Whiskey, Lemon, Simple, Egg White​ - @foragecambridge #cocktails​ #sour #drinklocal #frtakeover

Cured fish plate : Olive wood smoked mackerel, swordfish conserva, Arctic char gravlax, pickled cranberries, house creme fraiche @foragecambridge #frtakeover

White over Red : @grandten wireworks #gin , @oldballard midsommar aquavit, @fourtownfarm midnight carrot juice, house made elderflower liqueur, lemon, peychaud bitter foam
#cocktails​ @foragecambridge#frtakeover #drinks @foragedrinks

Peekaboo! @foragedrinks here, bar manager @foragecambridge. Our bar program is a collaborative effort, drawing on the resources, provisions and wisdom of the kitchen. With sustainability in mind, we tap into the ever-growing field of local distillers and brewers.
#standbehindyourproduct #frtakeover #cocktails #drinklocal

Every week we run a #meatlessmonday 6 course #vegetarian #tastingmenu for $39! Tonight's main course is this @mycoterrafarm mushroom mole with our cumin sauerkraut, marfax beans, house crema, @mainegrains hominy fritters @foragecambridge #FRtakeover #eatlocal #eatyourvegetables

We love #preserving seasonal produce at it’s peak so we can bring it out when you miss it most. Strawberry preserves in the middle of a Nor’Easter for example…#check #frtakeover #eatlocal all year round @foragecambridge

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