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Food photographer, Stockholm 📸  Interested in unusual creative shots. Private acc with Stockholm pics @a.petrych


It seems like it’s the last post before a long pause 😊 Yesterday I received a great boost of energy. My friends gave me a surprise birthday party 🎉 Best experience ever 😀 Now I have inner fuel to survive dark Swedish winter 🌫🌬 I don’t care about how heavy rain is outside right now, how strong the wind is. I got a lot of sunshine from my friends yesterday, will keep it carefully inside and share with somebody in need☀️ #raindrops #dew #morningdew #morning #flowers #nature #naturelover #naturephotography

Though I wanted to celebrate my birthday in Prague this year, we had to stay in Stockholm. It’s quite chilly here, so I’d better post a warm photo from our vacation in Croatia 😀

That’s my latest shooting. Done in middle August 🤦‍♀️ So it’s been around 6 weeks without photographing. A month and a half. Quite a while for a photographer who makes money with it.
No inspiration, no new ideas, nothing I’d be happy to photograph. It’s not a depression (as I thought earlier), it’s a lack of interest.

Another stage in my life which I’m learning to be comfortable with. Still a long way to go but I now do understand what’s happening. And my only decision is just “Let it be”. Switch to other stuff and see how it goes.

#foodphoto #topview #foodies #italianfood #italiancuisine #foodphotography

Super chocolate cake by @alejandra.chocolate: inside, on the top and as decoration. Chocolate and only chocolate.
I’m getting away from Instagram. First of all mentally. No new shooting, no plans even. The new studio flash was packed and waiting for relocation 😀 We’re looking for an apartment to move, so I’m packing some stuff little by little. How was your week?

#rawfood #rawvegan #rawcake #chocolatecake #rawchocolate #foodiegram #foodphoto #foodphotography #ilovecakes

This week is a hard one for me. Starting full time studies is a challenge itself, plus large amounts of info I need to understand and remember. I hardly have spare time for myself and my husband. Where I’m leading is that I’m afraid my IG is going to be quiet rather soon 😀 Have no idea when I come back to my camera, but still have something to publish for a week or so.
The cake in the picture is made by a “raw-chocolate”-fairy @alejandra.chocolate 👨‍🍳

Over the skies and up. Flying to Croatia in August. I made a post on my blog about this short vacation. To say just a few words: turquoise water and tasty seafood. And cheese, cheese of course! Oh and wine. Ok, more on that later 😀
📸 More photos from Croatia: http://petrych.com/blog/vacation-in-croatia-2017 (link in bio)
Сложновато-таки писать длинные тексты для поста на двух языках. Поскольку, английский для меня основной язык в соцсетях, русским хочу пожертвовать. Вы не против читать меня только на английском? Или лучше оставлять хотя бы короткие заметки на русском?
Фото из перелёта в Хорватию, пару недель назад. Кратко о впечатлениях написала в блоге: http://petrych.com/blog/vacation-in-croatia-2017, линк на сайт био.

#travelphotography #travelphoto #topoftheworld #topoftheworld🌏 #skylovers #overtheclouds #overthetop #overtheworld #overthesky #cloudscape

Ham... "jamon" in Spanish. Can be a good choice for a Friday evening coupled with... wine or beer? I'd go for red dry.
Хамончик или прошутто? Мне не важно, лишь бы с красным сухим 😜

#cheeseplatter #cheese #jamon #hamplatter #prosciuttocrudo #snacks #foodlover #foodiegram #foodphoto #wine #winelover

Tried cooking tofu in Asian style: with chili, garlic and cashew. Frankly, I didn't understand why people like tofu. To make it taste good you need to add a lot of stuff. Then end up with just a spicy thing without decent flavor. If you like tofu how do you cook it? Maybe I should try another recipe. Everything in this bowl was roasted except green onion for garnishing
Приготовила тофу по-азиатски: с чили, чесноком и кешью. Все обжарено. И как-то не поняла, почему люди едят тофу. Чтобы сделать его вкусным, нужно миллион всего, но тогда не остаётся вкуса от самого тофу, который, видимо, в любом окружении остаётся посредственностью. А, может, вы знаете вкусный рецепт тофу?

#foodstyling #foodphotononstop #foodphotography #tofu #tofulove #asianfood #cookingathome #vegetarianfood #asianfoodlover

A rural breakfast. In my childhood I drank fresh goat milk every day (except winter), often with a slice of rye bread and some strawberry jam on it. I wasn't used to chocolate in my childhood 😀 I still like to combine milk with smth baked and put some jam on it (but please no cereals!), now it's a croissant and an orange 🍊 jam. What's your favorite milk combo?
В детстве я пила свежее козье молоко каждый день (кроме зимы), часто - просто с куском чёрного хлеба и вареньем сверху. И это было счастье! Без всего этого вредного шоколада 😀 Сейчас люблю пить молоко с круассаном и апельсиновым вареньем. А вы любите молоко? С чем?

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Healthy food is usually as simple as minimalistic. Who knows maybe this trinity is your future salad 🥗
Здоровая еда обычно проста и минималистична. Кто знает, возможно, эта троица станет вашим салатом 😀

#minimal #minimalism #gogreen #govegan #healthyfood #foodstyling #f52grams #feedfeed #foodlover #veggietime #foodphotography #foodphotononstop #foodphoto

Can you be in several places at the same time? I bet you can when you're eating food from different countries! French brie can be coupled with a sweet pear from Sweden. Italian camembert tastes good with Spanish green grapes. And that pink square cheese (another guy from France, Brittany region) goes great with Dutch honey. So what's your recent "traveling" in terms of the food or drink you had?
Интернациональная сырная тарелка! Французский бри и сладкая груша из Швеции, итальянский камамбер чудесно дополняется зелёным виноградом из Испании. А розового квадратного красавчика из Франции предлагаю щедро полить мёдом, собранным в Голландии. Какие страны вам больше по душе? В гастрономическом плане

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