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  Foodies x Travelers🌎 Based in HK🇭🇰 Food is what brings us together. Enquires✉️:

龍肉炆伊 | HKD 169
龍蝦彈牙,伊麵軟身得嚟又唔會無質感. 整體龍麵館菜式偏䶢, 要飲多兩啖茶先得. 不過係中環用呢個價錢食到有質素的龍蝦伊麵, 又真係幾唔錯!
地址🏠: 中環德輔道中68號萬宜大廈萬宜廊地下G04號舖

Sea urchin, beef tartare and seared sliced beef rice (secret menu) | HKD 500
This was not part of the dinner menu but when you dare to ask, you may get rewarded! This rice combined the amazing ingredients of sea urchin, beef tartare and sliced lightly seared beef steak, and topped with egg yolk. When you enjoy the rice, you mix all of the ingredients and it is mouth-watering!😋What's more, the portion of the rice is quite generous and can easily feed two people!😂
Address🏠: 2/F, Pearl Oriental House, 60 Stanley Street, Central

Korean fried chicken|HKD 118 (half size)
Boneless fried chicken with 4 season sauces. The four sauces currently are sweet soy sauce, tomato sauce, mustard and salt. The fried chicken was cooked til very crispy and the meat inside was very juicy! Although there weren't many pieces of chicken, the taste of it was very nice!
Address🏠: G/F., 36 Aberdeen Street, Soho, Central

Choice Cream Strawberry Frappuccino | W6800 (Grande)
見到首爾Starbucks 有新出的Frappuccino,當然第一時間試下. 沙冰Cream味好重, 士多啤梨醬係底, 要自己撈埋先得. 整體嚟講, 同其他Frappaccino 一樣偏甜, 不過呢個相對地好普通, 唔洗試都得🙄
地址🏠: Starbucks, Seoul

Happy hour oysters|HKD 10/each
Everyday from 4-7pm, @isolahk offers $10 each French oysters for customers who always purchases a glass of wine. Although the French oysters were not too big, there were fresh, sweet and creamy. If you are lucky, you may even managed to get a harbour-view window seat to enjoy your meal with!
Address🏠: Shop 2075, 2/F, IFC, 1 Harbour View Street, Central

Thunder bomb | W6100 (~HKD 42)
The cotton candy tastes like Mentos mint candy while the milk ice-cream is very smooth. Perfect ice-cream for photos yet the portion could be bigger.
Address🏠: B1/F, Doota Duty Free, 275 Jangchungdan-ro, Euljiro 6(yuk)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

拖羅叉燒沾麵 | HKD 85
呢個沾麵有兩大塊叉燒, 可能因為太厚,肉質偏硬. 不過勝在沾麵彈牙, 個湯濃得嚟唔會好鹹, 算係唔錯的沾麵🤗

Hamburger|HKD 98
This hamburger uses Scottish Longhorn cattle, which lives in the highlands. The beef in the burger was extremely juicy and tender. It is best served medium rare in order to keep the juiciness within the meat. The burger is complimented with lectures and pickles to enhance its flavours. @beefandliberty is a @michelinguide recommended restaurant that is worth going for their burgers!
Address🏠: 2/F, 23 Wing Fung Streey, Wan Chai

招牌呑拿魚三色丼 | HKD 198
丼飯有呑拿魚腩,醬油漬赤身同香蔥呑拿魚. 整體而言,呑拿魚唔算太新鮮, 但都算肥美. 另外在飯上有一些海藻, 色澤有D奇怪, 完全唔敢食🙈呢個呑拿魚丼性價比真係唔高🙁
地址🏠: 太古太古城道18號太古城中心3樓313號舖

山形鳥王 (期間限定) | HKD 98
呢個應該係我食過最唔好食的豚王拉麵🙈 雞湯湯底好普通, 味精味重,雞肉又唔滑. 下次都係食番原味豚王算😪
地址🏠: 太古太古城道20號元宮閣地下404舖

Cremia premium softcream | HKD 48
好好食呀!!!!😋 個雪糕筒好似白之戀人的味道, 食到最後都好脆! 雪糕無想像中咁重奶味, 重忌廉味多D! 不過真係好快溶, 想慢慢品嘗都唔得🙈
地址🏠: 太古康山道1-2號康怡廣場北座地下G5號舖

Murasaki uni x Kita-Murasaki uni
Hands up for anyone who wants this🙋🏻
Address🏠: 1/F, Manning House, 38-48 Queen's Road Central, Central

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