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I was recently invited to attend an event at @ardor2.1 regarding #MPOC @thinkpalmoil which was organised by MALAYSIAN PALM OIL COUNCIL, the event was hosted by Dr. Bhavna Shah who is MPOC’s Regional Head for India & Sri Lanka. She enlighted me and several other influencers about the uses, importance and benefits of PALM OIL through several activities, which i will be sharing with you guys.
1st- We the influencers were divided into 6 members team for Treasure Hunt, in which we had to decode the names of different restaurants from a clue card which headed us to different segments of activities.
The first place was @pandeypaan
Where we were offered some delicious paans in which cashews were used, which was fried in Palm oil.
2nd Place was @mybarheadquarters where we were asked to prepare salad using palm oil & 5 veggies.
Third place was @punjabibynature2.0
Where we were asked some quiz about palm oil.
After 3rd place we were asked to go back to the place where we first started that is @ardor2.1 , there we had a blind fold tasting session and the dishes were prepared in palm oil.
To the people who don’t know about palm oil i like to brief it here :
1- PALM OIL is a vegetable oil produced from the oil palm fruit. Malaysia & Indonesia is producing 85% of the world’s palm oil.
2- Palm oil is found in almost 50% of food products that we consume like - Chocolates, Biscuits, Peanut butter, Ice - cream etc. Palm oil is mainly used in most of the products because its a fruit oil and is Non - GMO
3- Why Palm oil is everywhere?
Palm oil is an important commodity in the global oils and fats market and it is essential vegetable oil for ensuring global food security.
Malaysian palm oil is important in supplying the world’s requirement for affordable oils abd fats compared to other edible oils. Malaysian palm oil industry’s sustainability policy and certification system ensures the production and the availability of high quality palm oil in the global market.

Here i would like to add that “The event MPOC” was taken place with such an ease that we learnt so many things through some productive & fun activities.
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