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Truth: I'm not a baker. (Though you may be fooled by the self-proclaimed fanciest-macarons-in-the-world pictured above.)

Is it weird then that I made this notoriously fussy little cookie that's incredibly difficult to master my "thing"!?

I honestly can't even bake a loaf of bread. When I first learned to make macarons in pastry school the chef pulled all the pans out of the oven and there was just one with lumpy, cracked shells. (Please don't be mine, please don't be mine 🤞🏻)

And as the Universe always so gracefully does, they were mine. ✨

So no, I didn't really learn to make macarons in a fancy pastry school. I learned to make them by practicing over and over (and over and over). My mom and sister were my first two real students. I experimented with my recipe and tested things: What if I mix it more? Less? What if I swap an ingredient?! Do liquid egg whites work?! Why not?! I made chewy macarons, I made crunchy macarons, I made burnt macarons, I tried sugar free macarons (#butwhy), I made flat macarons, I made panda shaped macarons. I. Tried. It. All.

And that, my friends, is the secret to learning to cook or bake *anything*. Find something you love and make it over, and over, and over. There is no substitute for experience.

Oh, and Happy Macaron Day (whatever that is 🤷🏻‍♀️🎉)

When people ask what pots and pans they should invest in, I always suggest a good cast iron skillet (it's basically all we use around here).

One of the things that made me all heart-eyed-emoji over Chris when we first started dating was his affinity for cast iron. On one of our first dates he confessed how much he loved cast iron and wanted to collect every size (at the time I didn't even know they were numbered with different sizes).

And almost a year into marriage, the way he cleans them so meticulously makes me smile: with hot water (never soap) and then thoroughly drying and rubbing with a few drops of oil. (I get in trouble for leaving them on the stove 🙈)

Do you cook with cast iron? Do you have any questions about cast iron? It's always the #1 pan I recommend (and if you take care of it, will last a lifetime!)

Double tap if you want Chris to do an IG Story to teach you how to properly clean your cast iron 😻😂

DIY bedazzled macarons, anyone?! We’re giving 10% off any corporate team building event that is booked before March 30th. 🍀✨

Head over to for details! 🤩

One of SF’s greatest kept secrets? The Buena Vista Cafe pours their famous Irish coffees to go (with a sneaky little workaround!). But I also convinced them to give me all their secrets so you could just make one at home (ya know, if you’d rather not change out of your PJs 💁🏼‍♀️).

Recipe link in mah profile 🍀☕️

What's for lunch?! Red wine and (fancy) grilled cheese with my favorite @Kirstinjackson1. Because sometimes you just gotta enjoy the lady boss company and pretend it's Friday.

What's in your lunchbox today!? 👇🏻 (hopefully not wine 😳😂 )

P.S. there’s a whole list of fun ways to upgrade a normal grilled cheese on the blog. Search recipes ➡️ grains 🙌🏻

Who doesn't love a moscow mule?! (No judgement if you love it just for the copper mug.)

One of my brilliant girlfriends—the kind who looks like a goddess in a flower crown, whose kids happily eat liver (there are so many nutrients in organ meats if you can mentally handle it), and who can cure anything with essential oils—shared her redux of a classic moscow mule: a healthier, more feel-good alternative.

She substitutes the ginger beer for a much healthier ingredient (that will save you over 10 grams of sugar per cocktail).

These mules kick a**. Promise. 🐐🍹

Link to the recipe is in my bio today!

Can I tell you something kinda ridiculous?! I used to be afraid of carrying a tray of full martinis. 💃🏼

During my college summers, I worked as a hostess at one of my favorite fancy seafood restaurants in Seattle. If guests went to the bar for martinis before their table was ready, and the table turned faster than anticipated, I’d actually wait until they took several sips from their brimming martini glasses before escorting them (and the tray of their sloshing martinis) to their table. I know 😳. I don’t think my manager would have been overly jazzed.

But, along the way, I did learn the secret to successfully transporting a tray full of topped-off 'tinis. Anybody know what it is!? The tip is up on the blog today!👉🏻

We have a little routine around our house: Chris gets home from work and almost immediately opens all the cupboards and the fridge scavenging for something new and exciting (read: chips, crackers, salsa, hummus).🕵🏼‍♂️

Sometimes we have both a dip and a vessel to eat it on, sometimes we have just the vessel and no dip, and sometimes I get creative and make a vessel when there's only dip. Still with me!?

That's how I discovered how to make my own tortilla chips. Let me know if you guys want to learn too, and I'll write up a little recipe. ✌🏻

Am I high-mai about food?! Quite the opposite. I defrost burritos with the best of ‘em. I cook weird things that don’t come out right. I set of my smoke alarm constantly. (And if you missed it last week, I served frozen salmon to a party of twelve.)

But there is one little thing that I now (after *really* learning to cook) notice about food that I never noticed before: Is it well seasoned?

I'm a salt fiend. Cannot get enough. Do I carry a little tin of sea salt in my purse? Maybe. 😳 Salt is a flavor brightener so it makes everything taste more like itself. (It's subtle, but almost any salad you order in a restaurant has a good pinch of salt on it).

It's like a magic little ingredient that truly transforms your cooking. But—there are several different kinds of salt and you've got to know what kind to use and when (and the kind of salt to avoid🙅🏻‍♀️).

I broke it down on the blog for you (and if you just #cantdeal I also shared the only salt you really need to use).

It’s always so much simpler than we sometimes make it. Love is the answer. Always, always.
Also, you can’t tell under the ball of tulle, but my feet are four feet off the ground in this picture 😂. (Reason nine million why I love this friendly giant husband of mine.)

I’ve acquired an arsenal of secret cooking and entertaining tips and tricks—little go-tos for when $*** hits the fan (and trust me, if it hasn’t already, at some point it will). Because, sometimes you have a captive audience of fourteen hungry people, and a big hunk of wild Copper River salmon that’s still frozen. Or perhaps you’re frying halibut filets for a bunch of strangers in a small apartment and set off the fire alarm and have to explain to the fire department that we’re all good, no problem here, everything is great. #askingforafriend 😂💁🏼‍♀️👩🏼‍🍳

But these little freeze dried raspberries? They're one of my favorite tricks. And with V-day tomorrow, and a little extra pressure to make things feel more special, I wanted to share my favorite ways to use them. If you're a Food La La subscriber, you'll get my tips any our inbox first thing in the morning! If not, drop your email in my DMs and we'll get you set up! Because—baby, this fun little list isn't going to appear anywhere else! 💌

Grab your galentines!! 💕👯‍♀️ On Wednesday evening join Food La La, @diptyque and @birdies for a fun evening of bubbles, adorable slippers, bedazzled macarons, and perfectly-paired scents. We'll be set up from 4-7 to spoil you with Valentine goodies. And!! We'll have a rare (and limited!) quantity of fancy macaron boxes for purchase (ya know, in case you forgot v-day is the 14th, or just need a little snack #nojudgement 😳). Swipe for details.🙌🏻🌷👠

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