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Aiden 🐝  art is cool dreamin, steamin, screamin the world is actually gonna end soon✨ 🇭🇳🇸🇻

I keep doing similar poses/angles sorry

I never found a goofy hat for my big head in ocean city whoops, also WE LOVE FORGETTING HOW TO DRAW

My name is David Dinan
My name is David Dinan
My name is David Dinan
My name is David Dinan

So I’m actually starting to like going digital, some guy already complemented this on art fight

We’re not playing boys, mans can drive alone now 😤🤠👌

Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit, art block is really blocking my brain hole

The star of the show

Working on the digital of the last post, currently on flat colors, also I do this with a mouse and it’s not meant to be perfect in any way shape or form

This cured my art block, also my style is not the same????


Wow this is bad

I’ve been really tilted and shaken lately, I’ll try to bring the usual bad art soon

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