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Digital marketing is complex and will only continue to increase in complexity. Brands and marketers need to focus on improving their marketing functions by measuring their marketing results and how it directly impacts important business outcomes.

Quality marketing metrics will give you the actionable information you need to improve your digital marketing activity and also justify your budget and resource requirements to management. Prove your marketing efforts drive improved business outcomes and leadership will see what you do as profit focused and no longer as an expense!

Birthday week continues :-)

Engagement Rate – Many brands place an enormous amount of clout on the engagement that they generate with their digital marketing. Engagement rate can be an important metric, ONLY if the rest of your marketing is correctly being connected to your proper audience and the engagement results in action, not just friendly comments and likes.

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To shave or not to shave. That is the question.

The fact is, if you ARE doing exceptional digital marketing, you don’t have time to chase shiny objects or video your every movement throughout the day. You’re actually executing real integrated, effective digital marketing!

Stop talking about it and start doing!

When we look at the impact of #Mobile #Commerce on the total retail sales in the US, it begins to become clear where things are going. In fact m-commerce retail sales are expected to reach $123 Billion dollars this year alone. Compare that to the total retail sales in the US of $4.785 trillion dollars this year and nearly $5 trillion dollars expected by next year. Though m-commerce is just a small portion of total retail sales now, it is very clear that it’s rise will continue to take more of the overall purchases.

How ready are you to scale on this platform?

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