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Foughettaboutit! | #frescofiles

Family over everything! Some missing people but know I love you all ! Thank you for all the love today! Truly blessed 🙏🏽 | #frescofiles #babyfresco

That smile.. always gets me | #babyfresco #igotyourback

Life is what happens when you're busy planning it - can't wait to create life! With you as a mom, she won't be anything short of amazing! |#babyfresco

Today is always a special day for me - 4 years since I jumped across the country - this weekend showed me how much I missed NY but can't wait for what's new for me in LA! More goals to crush! #keepdreaming #frescofiles

NYC family!! Pull up on me this Saturday night!! Rockin w/ the legend @djgetlive ! HMU | #frescofiles

We ask for forgiveness, not permission | #tbt #japantour #kidink

Back in 2012, my first time in Vegas, I went up to the dj spinning the pool party and was like " yo I would love to get booked here, where do I go? Who do I talk to?" He laughed at me & said " man I don't know you and if you're not in top 500 dj's in the world, don't waste your time" - 6 years later proud to say I've rocked Vegas a few times and shut down rehab for it it's final season! So no fake inspirational bs here but it's a marathon not a sprint! #frescofiles #rehab

You saying it's this hot in Vegas? Fuck | #frescofiles

Indian style in the Mediterranean | #frescofiles 📸: @bigg_chuck

Do we got a problem?! | #frescofiles #kidink

Talk to me, Goose! | #frescofiles #f15 #bucketlist

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