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Working on a little modern interior upgrade for @the_wildbunch. Their flowers are exquisite, but they are also pretty good at throwing together a fruit bowl! #NotYourParentsFlorist

Went to the airport to look at the moon and eat banana bread with my two tiny people. #zoomzoomzoomweregoingtothemoon

Preparing their spooky masterpieces...

For a while, it seemed like this idea would not see the light of day, but there it is. A fresh face for @elysiancoffee on Broadway with great new graphic assets from @swear_words and great execution by @Michael__bock
@tierneymilne and
@drewstuff. If you haven't been to an Elysian coffee, please go. They are great people, and they're swinging for the fences every day to make your day a little better. Interior is next. #coffee #design #whenworkdoesntfeellikework

Some great progress shots came in from the off-the-grid cabin... Scott has aptly named this the "chandelier kitchen". The seamless brass sinks will serve as ice boxes when needed, and the hot-rolled steel backsplash holds all the dishes and the candle-power. No electricity, no running water? No problem! Thanks @scotthawthorn! 📸@ellestarr #brass #steel #interiordesign #notyourparentskitchen flawless steelwork execution by @birdmanthewelder

FOUR. xo

These seats turned out just fine.

A sampling of broken lumber from over a decade of touring to answer your question, @officialayottedrums . So many boxes of Hickory Funk sticks splintered from Perth to London to Austin. Now they fill @ryandahle 's old #Ludwig kick drum that became the coffee table my kids learned to walk around. #SmallSins #limblifter #Catlow #Salteens @patrickbrealey #woodpigeon etc...

Black and white on oak in process... coming soon, @davegoonie ! #oak #happyhour #farmtotable

Brass countertops with seamless brass sinks making the weekend trip to the middle of nowhere for an adventurous client! The bent hot-rolled steel backsplash will be ready for the next trip. #brass #interiordesign #NotYourParentsKitchen

Two cloudy days and I'm thinking of summer vibes with these guys.


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