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I’m designing the interiors and branding for a new restaurant, and the lovely people at @scoutmagazine came by to check on our progress. If you can’t wait to try Dave Gunawan’s new venture UBUNTU, you can head to @thefarmersapprentice or @grapesandsoda in the meantime. Link in bio if you’d like to know more. #UbuntuCanteen

THREE. xo.

If you need me, I’ll be at my new desk.

What rain?!

Always near, but still too far. Xo

Taking a break during the #vancouversunrun to discuss strategy with @sandysumra and #Gampa for the last 70m. Crushed it.

This is the beautiful result of an installation created for #ted2018 by @otbirds. This is how their algorithm plotted my voice speaking my children’s names. Just one of many reasons my head is spinning this week.

If you’re battling #stormtroopers at #ted2018, be sure Alistair and Bill have your back. The best of the best on loan from @elysiancoffee and #paulallen

Wow, #ted2018 really outdid themselves with the freebies this year. #newwhip #iknownothingaboutcars

A rare opportunity thanks to my good friends @elysiancoffee . If you need me this week, I’ll be here. #ted2018

Working on a little modern interior upgrade for @the_wildbunch. Their flowers are exquisite, but they are also pretty good at throwing together a fruit bowl! #NotYourParentsFlorist

Went to the airport to look at the moon and eat banana bread with my two tiny people. #zoomzoomzoomweregoingtothemoon

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