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Today is International Women’s Day. I could go on about the importance of everyone supporting women for a very long time, but instead I’m going to encourage you to follow and support @wherewomencreate. The community at Where Women Create is one I deeply believe in. The founder has spent ten years tirelessly promoting female creatives from all across the globe by encouraging them to share their own stories in their own words. In my opinion there is such great value in that. Women supporting women. If you have a moment I hope you will give @wherewomencreate a follow and perhaps pick up a copy of one of their issues the next time you’re in @wholefoods. These images are ones I have had the honor to photograph for @wherewomencreate over the past year. (Well not the first one. It’s a landscape to grab your attention). If you’ll allow me I’d like to take a day away from landscapes and share some of the stories of the amazing women I’ve had the honor of photographing over the past year. #wherewomencreate #internationalwomensday

I love the maker road trips we get to take. The idea for them came from the desire to create affordable content for small businesses and makers we love. It allows us to promote their goods and their stories and it allows them to get a few dozen really beautiful images at a really affordable price. Our next trip is next week and takes us back to Los Angeles and the American west. There is just something so special about those landscapes. They truly captivate me and create really epic and effortless backdrops. If you’re a maker or small business and would like to know all the details email us ASAP. #folk #maker #shopsmall #americanmade #usmaker #shoplocal #folkmagazine #liveauthentic #livefolk #buyfolk @folkmagazine

I’m convinced if in high school we had all known how bad each other’s anxiety was, and perhaps had a better understanding of our own, we would all be far happier adults, perhaps we’d even be a happier society. I’ve noticed in this world of creative peers that I live in that most of us have crippling anxiety, yet none of us are willing to talk about it. Does it come from constantly comparing ourselves to others? Does it come from a broken society filled with bad news, bad politics, and bad energy? How do we correct it? How do we truly allow ourselves to say and more importantly to believe..that we are good, we are worthy, we are enough. How do we strip away these veils we all wear in an attempt to hide the anxiety and to instead wear a facade of perfection. How do we remind ourselves that everyone else has struggles like us. That perhaps if we band together we could create positive change for everyone and ourselves. I suppose I’m really asking a lot of questions here and am praying to the universe that you may have some answers. || Photo of monument valley by @davey_gravy

I am convinced that if we all overthought things less we’d all be far better off. What if we went with our gut...was confident in our decisions and went forward into life with confidence and the faith that everything happens as it should...when it should...and that each mistake, each misstep, and each failure is a lesson to be learned, a way to grow, and a moment to reflect on all the positives we have in our beautiful lives. Perhaps instead of trying to be social media perfect all the time...we spent more time being authentic and like just lived lives with the understanding that far fewer people give a flying flip about what we’re doing and how we’re living than we realize. At the end of the day we’re all just balls or energy doing our best and trying our damnedest. In the words of @Faithhill ... breathe. || Photo by @mahdz #liveauthentic #livefolk #landscapesandconversations #folk #folkmagazine

I have really bad anxiety. I’ve been wanting to do this moment for like two years, but I’ve been like too terrified to do it. Terrified of change. Terrified of moving forward. Terrified of diving back in to everything that I once loved. Terrified to stand. Terrified to stand alone. But now is the time. If I wait much longer it’ll be too late. Somewhere a long time ago I kinda just gave up on it all. I gave up on my dream. I lost my love of makers, of small towns, of Americana, of the little things in life and I just kinda gotta lost in a jaded wanderlust that really didn’t lead me to much of anywhere. Now I have no complaints. It’s been a beautiful journey and as we all know...the journeys we travel on in life are far more important than any destination. Last year I stepped away. I took a different job. It was a job that I knew would lead me back to the world I once loved so much...a world I had grown to resent and fear. But I knew that I had to step away from my own dream and grow someone else’s dream in order to truly learn to appreciate mine again. It’s been the most wonderful year of learning and growing and rehabilitating myself. I am so excited for what’s coming to folk next month....even if I’m scared shitless of actually doing it. The journey starts now....right here in this moment...with a new logo. #liveauthentic #livefolk #folk #folkmagazine #landscapesandconversations @folkmagazine

I’ve been quiet for a bit. I’m be back soon. Photo by @jaredetheridge #liveauthentic #livefolk #landscapesandconversations. is one of my very favorite humans on a planet filled with pretty fabulous humans. She takes the cake though. Go show her some love. I’m pretty smitten with all her work too!

Natural. Nature. Greens. Blues. Stone. Water. Wooden. Moments. Photo by @snickersv #liveauthentic #livefolk #folk #folkmagazine #landscapesandconversations @folkmagazine has me seeing urban landscapes in a totally different way. I am perpetually enamored with his ability to capture New York City in such a timeless and beautiful way. Today while waiting to meet him for lunch I tried my hand at a few urban shots around TriBeCa. #liveauthentic #livefolk #nyc #tribeca #landscapesandconversations #folk #folkmagazine @folkmagazine

Today’s favorites called for some golden vibes. Happy Sunday! 1) @shortstache 2) @mblockk 3) @hbmertz 4) @gavindoran #liveauthentic #livefolk #landscapesandconversations #landscape #folk #folkmagazine @folkmagazine

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