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Folk  A group of wandering millennials out to discover an authentic global community, story telling ramblers, & the new-good-ol-days.

Summer is here. Next week is Memorial Day. The days are long, the nights are short. The forests are green and ready for the hiking. The waterfalls are perfectly pristine for the perfect photo moments. This summer may your adventures be endless and your landscapes be epic and just right for all the photos you’re hoping to achieve. Photo by @jonathanzoeteman in Banff. #liveauthentic

Sometimes you just need a well styled, well staged moment. @kjp always delivers the very best versions of those.

Sometimes you just need a dog photo (cause it’s good for engagement) Photo by @robinbrazillartist #liveauthentic

For several years all of the travel I did had to be to epic landscapes and epic locations so we could produce the content to justify the expense of the trips. When I switched jobs I now get to do travel that takes me to fly over states and everywhere in between. Last week I stopped into Chattanooga to shoot a few stories. I met up with my friend Lee and he took me up to see war memorials, cliffs, and insane city views. || Where should we travel to next? (The answer is Cleveland....hi @fountleathergoods hiiiii @stashstyle) #chattanooga #liveauthentic

Why do you explore? || Photos by @dylangiala in Iceland. #liveauthentic

🌅What does your personal photography journey look like? Let’s start with mine, then we’ll hop into yours....I’m convinced this would be an amazing series. Would you be willing to share your work today verses your work from years ago? If you would... let me know. Let’s create a series. Two images. A beginning of the journey, and a current part of the journey....and the best piece of advice you’d give. For me, we’ll hop into it from the beginning in the next post...but...I recently started getting paid to do portrait sessions...❤️💙❤️ it took a whole lot of confidence to get to that point...but it’s also so rewarding to see people like enjoy the photos I create of them. So anyways, this is a photo I took two weeks ago at Delicate Arch in Arches National Park. #liveauthentic #landscapes #americana #arches #delicatearch #photography #moab #nationalpark

“Standing on the border. Looking out into the great unknown. I can feel my heart beating faster as I step out on my own.” — @leannrimes || Photo by @tannerseablom #liveauthentic

Today I sat at a computer all day in my tiny town in western Kentucky editing photos I’d taken on my adventure to Utah and Colorado, editing portrait sessions I’d done here this weekend, and attempting to develop a social media strategy for one of my jobs. I balancing act of three worlds, three loves, and three passions...I’m finding myself excited to get out of bed again, something I haven’t felt in several years. No longer filled with the dread of having to clean messes or wondering what the hell I’m doing. Instead each day is filled with passion and excitement, and the main frustration is simply trying to fit everything into one day. Times have certainly changed and are continuing to change. I’m not quite sure why I’ve started writing so much lately, but it’s oddly freeing and the words come easy, where for so long words had to be forced, much like smiles, and pleasant moments. I recently started falling in love with Instagram again. I started following tons of new talent and I am excited for where we are headed together as we seek out what modern authenticity looks and feels like. I love this photo by @romempix in Austria. #liveauthentic

My discussion about authenticity will continue in a bit...I didn’t realize so many people would be engaged with it. ❤️ Until then here is a photo by @ben.janis in Iceland. #liveauthentic #livefolk

Today my blog post on the website shares my love of Palm Springs...but we all know this little guy will perform far better here on Instagram than a photo of mid century hotels and desert spaces. So the link to the blogpost is in the profile. || This image is by @leventsahinpictures #liveauthentic

I want to pause for a moment and say how much I absolutely love the work of @carloslazarini. These are all by him. #liveauthentic

Sometimes I wonder, with all of these endless seas of “#influencers” standing in the middle of streets with their duck lips and their red carpet poses hawking the latest in #sponsored fashions, what are we really accomplishing? What is the actual credibility of this, and of the culture it’s created. For me it all fits into that same narrative of journalism, we seek out credible sources for our information and excitation. Sources like @nytimes and @theatlantic have been drilled into use since we were first learning MLA situations to be credible sources. In a pre digital media world we looked to @gq and @voguemagazine for our credible fashion sources. @marthastewart for all things related to living. But now we’re constantly 100000% surrounded by “sources” for all things. What if “influencers” have about as much validity as Info Wars or “fake news”? I guess my question is, as we seek to strip down the ideas of modern authenticity, is influencer culture healthy or necessary? || Photo by @tom_juenemann #liveauthentic

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