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Maura Grace Ambrose  quilt maker + natural dyer living my dreams on a hilltop in the woods in the heart of Texas

My latest quilt “The Spring Cabin Quilt”, is naturally dyed purely with plants: leaves, bark, roots, heartwood, and seed hulls created each of these colors✨
If you have an interest in learning the ancient craft of dyeing cloth with the gift of nature - I’d love to teach you! A few spots are still available for my upcoming workshop:
This quilt sold minutes after I added it to my website - that experience has me feeling blessed and inspired to continue creating unique quilts🙏
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Spontaneous jaunt through a field of wildflowers, when the plan was just to walk to the mailbox.

My love for the holidays is back to a 100% - thanks to children (of all ages) around the world for keeping the magic alive.✨

Sending my spring cabin quilt to Australia with a bundle of naturally dyed fabric leftover from making it. These remnants are a keepsake alongside the quilt and used for mending, if need be. #heirloomquilt #naturallydyed

her skin is more beautiful than fresh flowers. smelling her is like holding her. warm as sunshine.

My big sister Tricia and I have opposite personalities, and hair color, but we share memories of a charmed childhood growing-up with committed and supportive parents. I was born animated and courageous, she was shy and well behaved. Though my sister is 3 years older than me, I seemed to be the leader. I remember ordering ice cream for her because she didn’t want to talk to strangers. She looked-up to me and I looked-up to her. I wanted to wear her clothes, listen to her music, and ride horses just like her. We compliment each other so well, at times clashing, but it’s true love. Opposites do attract. Now we’re both mothers to young daughters, and we approach motherhood differently, and I recognize the strength in our diverse opinions. Balance isn’t one fixed point to aim for, it’s always moving. We gleam wisdom from the people that are different than us. Me the artist and her the physical therapist, we wouldn’t be fully who we are without each other. I love you Trish!!

We’ve seen many fantastic geese flights over our home - but this one takes the cake!! A mystical birthday gift from nature 🕊welcome 37🙏

I’m teaching a natural dye workshop at my home studio in Texas on May 4 & 5th. This is my first dye workshop of the year, and probably the only full weekend workshop for this year because I’m focusing the rest of my time on filming my next Gudiebook video workshop on Natural Dyes 🙌
I hope you can make it! sign-up at

I love experiencing wildflowers under an overcast sky.

Back home from an inspiring long weekend in Boston & Vermont, baking sourdough, tasting and learning the timeless tradition of maple syrup season, and collaborating with my best friend on a collection of bags.
Back to finding my rhythm. It takes redundant hours and days of laundry & weeding the garden - but then there’s my darling young daughter deeply asking beautiful poetic questions like, why and how are you so warm mommy? and will I be warm like you when I get older? and why do I not want to leave my bed when I have school but on the days I don’t have school I get right up? it goes on and on...I’m beaming with gratitude for these quiet tender conversations together. I love being her mom. I love this chapter in my life.

I made it to Boston! Collaborating with Alice @forestbound making small batches of one-of-a-kind bags is something I’ve been wanting to do for years - I’m so glad it’s finally happening!

soon to be bags with @forestbound ✨(feet for scale) 💙dark indigo paired with golden osage💛 #naturaldye

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