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Maura Grace Ambrose  quilt maker + natural dyer living my dreams on a hilltop in the woods in the heart of Texas

The pavilion at Medomak made for a lovely dye studio! Missing it, and the amazing new friends already. I’m reminded, there’s wisdom in diversity, and vulnerability is a great thing. #slowstitchingretreat

design in nature. found in the blueberry patch.

Under no other circumstance would I choose to harvest blueberries for color, not for delicious eating, but in Maine surrounded by fields producing berries at a pace faster than animals & humans can gather and eat.

I’ve been collecting mushrooms for natural dye experiments. I found them in Maine and I’m taking them back to my studio in Texas. I feel like a novice in the mushroom dyeing department, any and all advice is welcomed.

My interpretation of self-care is collecting wild blueberries in a linen skirt, I dyed and made for myself.

I’m in Maine. Pinching myself for this incredible opportunity to teach natural dyeing at the #slowstitchingretreat

Harnessing the suns energy through creative play. Cut the pant legs from my vintage striped overalls and pieced together a quilt-block. Made sun-prints from the ginkgo leaf Ada picked me in Vermont, and a sprig of rosemary from our bunnies favorite spot in the garden.

A pile of special old quilts turned rocket ship 🚀

The people who come together for a workshop are the reason I love teaching so much. I hold close the warm fellowship that comes from working alongside each other creatively. It’s not just learning about natural dyes and quilting, it’s getting to know each other, and ourselves better, through the stories we share and food we enjoy together.

Being in a room with a group of interesting folk that’s each creating something beautiful is an amazing experience. #folkfibersworkshops @lindsey.hb@kathryn_jayne_@jpbrk@gracehall_

A group of quilts I made this spring by sewing scraps of fabric onto a foundation piece: a technique we’ll be using this weekend in our workshop. On Saturday & Sunday a small group of folks will gather at our home, together we’ll each make a quilt, using scraps of naturally dyed fabric from my personal stash.

Celebrating 4 wonderful years today with our sweet Ada Mae. This past year has brought so many great talks and questions like: “How was the sun made?”, “What does the sun eat?”, “Who is God?”, “Where do we go when we die?”, “Are you going to die mama?”💔 These heavier questions are laced with light and innocent ones too like: “How does the wind know which way is to our house?”, “What makes me get goosebumps?”, and “How do you make money by standing and talking”—from when I told her teaching workshops is a part of my job. These days, this age, is truly something to cherish. I think back at our life and it’s like her spirit has always been with us. When she hears stories of our life she wants to know, “Was I there?” “Was I in your belly?” My reply, “yes, you’ve always been there, inside our hearts”. I love you Ada, my daughter, my teacher. XO- Mom 🙏I’m thankful we made it through a tricky & stubborn 3yrs old; we’re now stronger and smarter because of it. (📷 @leik.a)

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