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Maura Grace Ambrose  quilt maker + natural dyer living my dreams on a hilltop in the woods in the heart of Texas

The enchanted pear tree we discovered on the edge of our woods this summer. From what I can tell there are 3 old and neglected trees full of delicious fruit. I've contacted our agricultural agent with hope to determine what variety they are.

Breakfast on the porch with all the pals, on a cozy mama made quilt.😊

It seems it's just us and the wildlife that know about the pear trees on our road, like a secret we share with the forest animals. On our walk home this owl feather landed in our path.

These peach stock flowers caught my eye at the market, once home I ignored the shower I needed, and house chores, and choose to patchwork this little play quilt instead! Pulling from the palest pink fabric dyed with sandalwood and grey-purples dyed with logwood, both heartwood dyes and both ancient sources of color - bringing fresh life and inspiration into our day. 🌸

I made a dress from fabric she picked-out from our dye pots (Osage yellow). She watched me cut-and-sew it together--gathering the skirt, lining the bodice, attaching buttons, hemming the skirt. But when it was finished she wasn't excited about wearing it on her birthday...then with some convincing she wore it (asking to take it off once or twice)...hello 3 years old, goodbye control.

Ada requested a Lemon Cake for her 3rd birthday, so I searched for the perfect recipe. I decided to bake Martha Stewart's...I got to thinking about meeting Martha and shaking her hand, and receiving an award from her(!) and how I was 3 weeks pregnant and how I didn't know forward 8 months and 3 years and it felt like I had a reconnection through the magic of a cake recipe. It brought me joy to bake from scratch, and it brought me joy to see the kids eat the cake as fast as they ate the icing, a true sign of success.

We filmed a little tutorial on hand-quilting today, a thought came to mind for the beginner: Embrace those first stitches, they are wonky and wonderfully whimsical, much like a child's drawings, they are something to cherish.

This morning Ada discovered our butterfly emerge from its cocoon. We found a black swallowtail caterpillar 13 days ago eating the rue in our garden. I'm reliving my childhood in the best of ways. 🐛🦋✨

Living in the moment with a grass crown for a sand cake party.

I've been spending my creative time planing for Ada's 3 year rite of passage. I'm inspired by the book: 'Living Passages' for the Whole Family, celebrating rites of passages from birth to adulthood. I still feel at the beginning of creating family traditions, and it feels easy to decorate and invite friends, but I'm trying to go deeper and get out of my comfort zone to honor this moment with meaningful words and actions, to support emotional & spiritual growth.

Easing into the weekend... Next week I’m announcing a Quilt Workshop and Natural Dye Workshop!
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From our trip to Tybee Island, missing those blue horizons and sea treasures.

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