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Maura Grace Ambrose  quilt maker + natural dyer living my dreams on a hilltop in the woods in the heart of Texas

Spent this past weekend at Camp Heavy Metal @designbuildadventure -- Jack shared his philosophy of sandlot culture, teaching us how it can be applied to design, building, and adventures that life offers. The weekend was ambitious and rewarding as three of us grouped together and conceptualized a chair design, built it using all scrap material, and learned new skills of welding and navigating a metal shop. We named the chair the "sandlot slinger" and it's going to a live auction that supports healthcare for musicians @myhaam. Fulfilled.

Fireflies flicker and the smell of honeysuckle is on the rise.

Inspired by Easter and Ada finally being old enough to get excited about decorating! These perfectly pale brown eggs were given to us by a new friend and neighbor(!) and then we naturally dyed them with extracts from plants.

Wagon rides around our property, getting out to pick wildflowers and veggies. The current favorite flower seems to be this bright pink Drummond Phlox.

Checking out the new baseball field😎 @designbuildadventure @texasplayboysbaseball

The simplest of Birthday weeks visiting with friends and deep belly laughs at the breakfast table. I feel rich and lucky. 🐚(On the clothesline: logwood-purple, osage-yellow w/ a quick dip in the iron bath to tone it down.)✨

A burst of sunshine in the greenhouse.

Made a small batch of pillows for the porch, with linen dyed here on this same porch. #naturaldyes

We've had this idea for years now - give a free workshop as a gift to our creative friends who inspire us. It's about sharing our craft and opening the doors to a weekend of play: dyeing with plants, stitching, quilting, swimming, baking and bbq. It's happening this weekend and I couldn't be any more excited, and busy, as we prepare our home.✨

Finding snails in her pockets, I couldn't imagine this good life without her or you. Happy Birthday @chapambrose 💋

Thankful for the rain. We always reach the point of needing it around here. It was our third tornado warning as a family. Waking up in the middle of the night to take shelter made for some interesting and deep conversations with a kid. It's amazing how simple the truth can be, your safe, mom and dad know what to do.

Making little felt hair-clips for Ada, but of course I couldn't pick just one color-way, that would have been too easy and boring. #naturaldyes

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