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  hi💔 i don't hate i state facts, and if you don't like that, unfollow or block me.

anyways who tryna hmu on that nicki minaj game cause a bitch is bored n i need friends on it😭😭😭

my question is why is she bragging about it and people are trying to justify her but if she was to get pregnant y'all would be calling her a slut and a hoe and saying it's too early

part 1 of carly's story in my opinion i'm just hella confused cause it's to much shit goin on at once with to many people

should i do an edit give away? like i'll make an edit for two off y'all when i get 113k
•yes i made all these
•i know they're bad but at least it's an edit

i miss being able to flirt like i used to now i'm more or so shy with people cause i'm scared to get played again

i.....want this

this space man nigga annoys me you can clearly tell it's fake he never shows us the full list of all his snap messages nor did he show her username like if i can get an app that looks like i actually had a message with malu then i'm pretty sure you could find one for snap to im not defending carly or malu but this nigga aggy i hate fake beef the shit i was doing earlier was a joke this shit is him trying to claim it's real

the wifi and airplane mode this isn't a spoof it's actually like that turn on airplane mode and then turn on the wifi after and it should stay

i'm sorry lemme stop before people start posting about me and they really see it and have a problem 😭😭😭 it's fake i was just messing but i had y'all

so malu out here stealing people's posts i know @headassus and she makes this as jokes she made it and malu must have stole that shit from her so we know it's fake



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