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Foglifter Coffee Roasters  Roasting specialty coffee in the trees overlooking Shawnigan Lake. Vancouver Island, Canada.

Wrapping up a busy week on the road and in the roastery. Two new releases you’ve got to try - Guatemala Honey Process from @ricardozelayacoffee and an Ethiopia Yirgacheffe whose warm sweetness and soft jasmine notes provide the perfect antidote to the arrival of a greying, rainy autumn. Dialing in our October releases as we speak. Have a great weekend, friends!

We had a great time cruising Victoria yesterday! After snaking through hundreds of fig, pear and olive trees, sampling grown-on-site oranges, cured olives and prune plums and picking up a lemon tree at the incomparable Fruit Trees & More in Deep Cove, we skipped down to Chinatown.
Not much tops the cheerful, diverse atmosphere of @thebeanvictoria made even more alive this month with art by @dobelldesigns.
A few fresh reads from @munrobooks and another stroll through @francdambrosio’s beautiful 1515 Douglas for a coffee and a shoe-tying lesson capped off the day perfectly.

Rossland! What’s up?! The folks at @alpinegrind have our fair trade, organic Guatemala Átitlan beans up for their Third Grind program.
We are chuffed to have our coffee shuttled up to this picturesque mountain town where for years John has been serving delightful baking and healthy, hearty café fare alongside a top notch coffee program.
📸: @alpinegrind #alpinegrind

It’s a delight to work with retail partners who are passionate about what they serve. Martine at @shawnigancoffee has always been a great example of this ethos.
With enthusiasm and care, she deliberates over your preferences as well as provenance and seasonality when choosing coffees. Her attention to the smallest details (and the way her team is the same) is what helps make Shawnigan House a community hub.
We all know she knows us well which is why we want to know her better.

Fresh tees now in stock. Two new colourways, same dreamy style.

We just dropped our Honduras COMSA for the guests of @bodegaridge and @bodegacove.

It tastes of hazelnut and cocoa laced with the warm sweetness of dried figs and it’s telling an inspiring story of having a strong vision and improving with every step.
While the free-falling C market price has everyone’s attention, COMSA is another great example of what intention and determination can do for a business and a community.

In the face of poor wages stemming from predatory pricing and underwhelming quality, in 2001, the newly formed COMSA members made the massive, destabilizing decision to slash yields for the long view of sustainable, organic farming methods and an ethos that improves the whole community not just the coffee and the land.

Even as disillusioned farmers dropped out, COMSA pressed on with their innovative practices to transform their lands into integrated organic farms – promoting soil and water conservation, and the preservation of local plant and wildlife. Before long, members began to see improvements in coffee yields, better family relationships and then a rapid growth in membership.

In 2016, COMSA launched the Diplomado Organico, a week-long intensive training program that not only teaches innovative organic farming techniques, but also helps broaden perspectives for small-scale farmers on the relationship between their work, the ecosystem and the health of communities on both sides of the supply chain.

By choosing these coffees year over year, you are helping to ensure these producers can make bold investments in their infrastructure and confidently rely on steady support of each harvest.

Thank you for making that choice. 🙏🏼❤️☕️
📸: 📃: @coopcoffees

Your shot of espresso is doing some heavy lifting. 💪🏼 Currently our Eight Man blend includes a Rwanda Lake Kivu Bourbon from the INGOBOKA cooperative. ☕️ Comprised of family-owned farms, the cooperative maintains a children’s school fund to assist members with education expenses, and a health insurance program to improve access to medical care. More details on what’s in your cup at the link in our bio.

What an amazing three days on Galiano Island! It’s a thrill to see our retail partners @bowlinecafe, @bodegacove, and @bodegaridge booming at the height of summer in this west coast paradise. Thanks to everyone for the tireless hospitality and support of our work. Can’t wait to get back soon!

Mornings at @bodegacove. Jesse has stocked each cabin with our fair trade, organic Guatemala Átitlan beans and stunning @kintojapan ceramics.

Hump Day was an excellent day off. After a quick cappuccino at @thebeanvictoria and dropping this week’s deliveries to @bowlinecafe and @thelocalgeneralstore, we rolled by @northparkbikeshop and the rebooted @fernwoodcoffee on the way to @charellischeese and Willow Beach. Each stop was perfect. Thank you! Back at the roaster this morning. ✌🏼

Now open on Galiano Island! We are so thrilled to be the coffee of choice for @bowlinecafe. Helmed by our friend Kate and her team, Bowline Cafe is steps away from the ferry terminal and our favourite Galiano Island Books and en route to @bodegacove, @bodegaridge, @pilgrimme_rest and more beaches and hikes than you could do in one day. Your getaway jaunts to an island we love to share just got sweeter. ☕️❤️🌅

We’re popping into @smallblockbrewingco tonight because they’re serving an Espresso Oatmeal Stout using our Eight Man Espresso. 🍻 I’m bringing some beans along with me in case you’re interested. $18 a bag and tonight $10 from each bag sold is going to ☕️ We’re a small business, @smallblockbrewingco is a new local business and if some entrepreneurially-minded kids in Colombia and Tanzania need a boost with the mentorship, seed capital and training provides, it’s the least we can do.

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