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Tara Gross, O.D., NASM CPT/FNS  36 y/o Momma/Wife 💗 EyeDoc🤓| Online Coach NASM CPT/FNS 💪🏻 NPC Bikini Competitor Fitness+ Nutrition + Life+ Mom Coaching Inquiries:

Some guilt free treats for my Sweet Lovers 😍 + my strategy 😉!
1️⃣. Choose your base! I often use some sort of protein ice cream (you decide how much) or Dannon Light and Fit Vanilla Greek Yogurt!
2️⃣. Mix your base for added flavor! I often stir in @cocoabarinajar , powdered PB or Bday Cake PB! I usually do 1/3 or 1/2 of the serving size!
3️⃣. Choose your toppings! I like fruit, mini chocolate chips, Reese’s PB chips or cereal! Again, you don’t have to use a full serving. You can do 1/4, 1/2, 5/8 etc. That’s how you work the macro puzzle 😉
⭐️Top left: all Ingredients pictured... you choose the amounts!
⭐️Top right: Greek yogurt, 6g Powdered PB, 7g mini chips
⭐️Bottom left: Greek Yogurt + 14g @cocoabarinajar , 30-45g 🍓🍓🍓
⭐️Bottom Right: Greek Yogurt + 14g @cocoabarinajar 🍫(mix together). Top with 14g Reese’s PB chips and 12g Cold Stone Bday Cake cereal!! 18P/33.5C/8.3F —————
Keep it simple! You can still enjoy treats and foods you love without blowing your calories for the whole day on 1 thing! Get creative 😉! ——
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Basic #humpday 🤷🏼‍♀️🙈! Hope you’re having a great week! Keep your head high, those Glutes tight and your coffee strong 😉. Nope, I don’t even drink coffee ☕️. It’s tea for me!! Happy Wednesday, friends!☺️!
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“Live from the heart of yourself. Seek to be whole, not perfect! - Oprah. 💗
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A little different #transformationtuesday for ya! 2014➡️2018
Momma on the left ⬅️:
✨Goal: skinny
✨Afraid of food, binge/restrict. ✨Crazy runner
✨Poor relationship with food
✨Over eat= run farther 🙄
✨Big life changes- stressed, tired, no energy ............
Momma on the right➡️:
✨Goal: Strong/Healthy
✨Great relationship with food, NO restriction! Everything in Moderation! ..
✨Bodybuilding, NO more running. Uses exercise for health! ..
✨Happy! Healthy! Strong!
✨Livin’ my best life and full of energy! —————
Change takes time! We’ve all had a starting point. I didn’t get here overnight, but I didn’t give up either! ❤️ ....
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Happy Monday, friends! Are you ready? How was your weekend? Are you cruising into Monday or hitting the reset button AGAIN?! ————
Something that I feel is a game changer is truly incorporating foods that you love into your everyday! Honestly, I look forward to my meals! My breakfast this morning (Swipe ⬅️) was delicious and completely satisfying!
🍳Egg Beaters with Nacho cheddar seasoning.. 🍞1/2 Cinnamon Raisin Bagel thin with Vanilla Almond Butter
🍓Strawberries with Bday cake protein dip
🥦Opti Greens
When you enjoy what you’re eating it’s so much easier to make it your lifestyle! You have to find something that you can truly see yourself sticking with day in and day it (most days 😉)! If you’re eliminating food groups or carbs you just have to ask yourself if that’s truly a sustainable way for you to live! If so, great! However, if not, you need to find something that allows variety and work on moderation, not restriction! ........
Have a great week!☺️
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Sometimes I put on real clothes, but let’s be honest... gym clothes are my absolute favorite! I thought it’d be fun to throw out some random little tidbits about me 😉!
1️⃣. Most of you know that I am 36! I’ve been an Optometrist for 11 years! I’m a momma of 2 awesome kiddos and a step mom to D man! (Swipe ⬅️). My hubby loves golf, hates the gym and lives off off pizza, burgers and tacos! 😂. Need I say more? Lol! We’re opposites in many ways, but we’re simple, share strong values, and have an amazing family together! ❤️
2️⃣. My favorite candy is Reese’s PB Cups! I hate all things gummy or chewy! I absolutely LOVE frosted animal cookies, but will truly eat the whole bag so I don’t buy them 🤦🏼‍♀️. I’m also game with anything Cookie Dough or White Chocolate !🍪
3️⃣. If it says birthday cake, cake flavored, cake batter, white cake, I am 110% ALL in! I do NOT like chocolate cake. White cake and buttercream frosting please! 🍰😍. ...
4️⃣. I have to set my alarm for odd times- 3:03am, 4:31am etc 🤷🏼‍♀️ I also still wear my retainers every single night since getting my braces off at 16! 👊🏻
5️⃣. I HATE sand! I am not a fan of large bodies of water- oceans, lakes. I’m perfectly happy on concrete next to a clean pool!😂
6️⃣. SLIME is one of the worst things ever invented and my daughter is OBSESSED! ...
7️⃣. I NEVER wear a drop of makeup to the gym. I can’t imagine sweating with it on my face 😝. Most days I wear powder, blush and mascara if you’re lucky. It’s definitely not my forte! I also wash my hair daily 😳. It’s crazy thin, baby fine and basically disgusting after I workout in the morning! I don’t feel like I’ve showered unless my hair is clean 😁. ...
8️⃣. I am my dad to a T! We are organized, type A, OCD, planners, lovers of routine, structured, super active.... basically, we drive my mom crazy 🤪. My brother... he’s much more like our Mumsy! I have the BEST family EVER!❤️
9️⃣. Age does not bother me 1 bit. I embrace each birthday and truly feel that life just keeps getting better! 🙌🏻 ...
🔟. Sweet over Savory, Tea over Coffee, Hot over Cold, Spring and Fall, Early to rise/Early to bed, Lifting over Running, Homebody...💗

Good morning! 3.5 weeks post show, post vacation AND I wore shorts to the gym 😳! I seriously never wear shorts. I woke up super happy with where I’m at.. body, mind, energy etc! It just feels so damn good to be relaxed, tracking here and there and just livin’! 💗
#postshow #livinlife #balance #moderation #norestriction #legday #abs #postvacay

It’s FriYaY! It’s also my last hotel workout as we’re headed back home. I did some full body training this morning and then I’ll finish off my week back home tomorrow with leg day #✌🏻! —————
It’s been a great week of memories, fun, sun, relaxation and some yummy treats! I love my routine though so I’m always ready to get back to it! Obviously, you can see my training doesn’t really change, but I will get back to more of my regular foods and a little higher water intake! My water goal on vacation was 100-110 oz daily and I’ll just get that closer to 1 gallon over the next few days! —————
Am I stressing about the food, the treats or the water retention?! Absolutely not! I’ve got all the tools to get back to it! That is the key friends😉. Everything in moderation and making mindful choices while still living life! Then, if you need to reign it in a bit, use the tools that work for you! Have a great weekend!
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Vacation and eating out 😳! Does it scare you/stress you out?! Here’s a peak into how I tend to do things😉!
⭐️ Breakfast: I eat my own breakfast at the hotel. This week it was a Mighty Muffin with Vanilla Almond Butter and my daily Opti- greens! My kids had the full service buffet at the hotel so I’d heat mine up and then go eat them! (Swipe ⬅️)
⭐️I snack throughout the day- protein bars, Quest chips, Pretzel Crisps, Premier Protein etc. I eat breakfast later than normal so I don’t do a big lunch, but I do try to get protein in! .....
⭐️Dinner: I always eat dinner out on vacations. I want a nightly treat so I keep dinner simple (I am not a foodie)! I choose a lean protein (Grilled Chicken, Turkey Burger, Oven Roasted Turkey) with a Vegetable option (green beans, broccoli medley, squash medley, raw veggies). If there’s a bun or bread I usually eat 1/2. All of these were delicious without making me feeling crazy stuffed. I need room for a treat 😉!
⭐️I LOVE treats! Period. This week it was cupcakes (yes, ✌🏻) or Froyo each night (Swipe ⬅️ you’ll be drooling!) I’m not gorging myself, but I do enjoy my treats on vacation with zero guilt! ......
⭐️One thing I don’t miss- my daily workout! I also try to keep getting my water in each day! ————
Hope this answers some questions! Keep it SIMPLE and don’t overthink it! Don’t forget to live life!❤️
#food #vacation #flexibledieting #moderation #norestriction #mindfuleating #dessertislife #froyo #cupcakes #lovewhatyoueat #healthy #lifestyle

Happy Thursday, friends! Well, in case you’re ever wondering I come by it honestly! Can you guess who else has worked out everyday of this vacation?! My PARENTS! They are 65 and 66y/o! They have worked out daily for as long as I can remember! They are an amazing example of health and a huge part of why health and fitness is so important to me! I sure hope that someday that pic is me with my grown kids! —————
⭐️Hotel Shoulders/Tri’s ⭐️
Leaning Cable Lateral Raises: 4x10🎥
Front Cable Raises: 4x12🎥
Standing SA DB Press: 4x8/5 (8 SA, 5 2 Arm)🎥
Around the Worlds: 4x12🎥
DB Upright Row: 4x12🎥
SA Lateral Raise with static hold: 4x8🎥
SA Cable Rear Delts: 4x12🎥
DB Rear Delts: 4x10🎥
SA Cable Tricep Pushdown: 4x10🎥
DB Tricep Kickbacks: 4x10
Lat-front- up- down, repeat: 1 set to failure —————
#postshow #vacation #hotelgym #hotelworkout #workoutvideos #shoulders #delts #triceps #flexibledieting #reversedieting #familygoals

Another day of water, sand and sun! It’s sure feeling great to have this mini getaway with my kiddos (the big boys are in full on high school golf season so we’re missing them!) and just relax a bit! Down time was definitely needed and I’m enjoying every minute! ————
Today was leg day at the hotel and we got it done!🙌🏻🍑
⭐️Hotel Leg Workout (Cables/DB’s):
Warm up:
Banded Donkey Kicks: 3x15
Banded Fire Hydrants: 3x15
1️⃣. DB Deadlifts: 4x10
2️⃣. DB sumo squats: 4x10/10 (10 reps and then 10 pulses)
3️⃣. Cable Hamstring Curls: 4x12
4️⃣. SB Hamstring Curls: 4x20
5️⃣. DB Curtsy Lunges: 4x10
6️⃣. Cable Kickbacks weighted then banded: 4x12/12
7️⃣. Weighted Bench Step ups: 3x8
8️⃣. Cable ABduction: 3x12
9️⃣. Banded ABduction: 3x20
Happy hump day, friends! Enjoy!
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#transformationtuesday 🍑 July 2015➡️ July 2018! 3 years!!!
Time, Patience and Hard Work! Are you willing to keep going and keep working after 12 weeks, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years...?! It’s not about who can make the most change in 8 or 12 weeks. It’s making it a lifestyle that you can sustain and maintain for years on end! I never started this journey expecting to build those glutes and step on a National stage, but it happened! I kept putting in the effort and the changes continued! Bottom line- don’t give up! Keep working! It’s fun to see just how far you’ve come when you keep going!🙌🏻 ————
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