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Foco Snaps 🐑  Fort Collins, CO🏔 | Add the active snap @coloradodotcom➕ @nationalrampoo📲Send snaps to get featured 31k+👻🔥😏 TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS😜 #focosnaps

That's what I call sloppy top😜💦 @foco_snaps #focosnaps

"Do you have any special skills you feel would make you over-qualified for the job??"🤔 @foco_snaps #focosnaps

When you're not used to change😯😦 @foco_snaps #focosnaps

Foco Snaps Life Hacks💡 @foco_snaps #focosnaps

When it's been a long day and you're just a little guy😭😪 @foco_snaps #focosnaps

When you send that risky text and it back fires😰💀 @foco_snaps #focosnaps

Sober me pulling out drunk me😂🔥 @foco_snaps

Me when I get home tonight😂 @foco_snaps #focosnaps

When you get that one sneeze that just won't come😫🤧 @foco_snaps #focosnaps

How I slide in your girl's DMs🌴😏 @foco_snaps #focosnaps

When you get home after a long ass day and everything pisses you off😡😤 @foco_snaps

When you taste the mixed drink your friend made you😂🤯 @foco_snaps #focosnaps

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