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Foco Snaps 🐑  Fort Collins, CO🏔 | Add the active snapchat @fallout970➕@nationalrampoo Send snaps to get featured 31k+🏆 #focosnaps

When the Broncos lose and your friends gotta stop you from drinking your sorrows away😭💦 @foco_snaps #focosnaps

If my mean ass had a Patronus🦅 @foco_snaps #focosnaps

My dude Mike wasn't hearin it😂 @foco_snaps #focosnaps

How do you like your bacon??🥓🤤 @foco_snaps #focosnaps

Dormitory cage match🤼‍♂️ @foco_snaps #focosnaps

Peekaboo🙈 @foco_snaps #focosnaps

Tag someone who has the lungs to hit the trifecta☠️🔥💨 @foco_snaps #focosnaps

When you realize where you got your drinkin skills from😳😂 @foco_snaps #focosnaps

Her: I haven't shaved or anything I hope that's okay??
Me: 💦😛💦 @foco_snaps #focosnaps

When your boy *really* can't cook🤦🏽‍♂️ @foco_snaps #focosnaps

Kitty doesn't quite understand, but kitty will try🤔 @foco_snaps #focosnaps

When you and bae lit af in public😂😳 @foco_snaps #focosnaps

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