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Fotoula Lambros  organic fashion creator.4cast.leo.lover of light, color, music, stars. Greek Goddess.string theorist. glam disco gypsy kitten. Pendulum reader

When the Frenchie leaves ya a song to look up, even the handwriting is fancier than ours! 😂 #oui #musique #translatorlifestyle #comingtoamerica 👌🏼

To all the ladies blazing trails 🔥 #findnewroads #bodyconfidant #curvesaresexy

The Medium is the Message: As I have experimented in many facets of my life, just like this crystal, I can now feel comfortable in my clairvoyance and my ability to be a conduit of the ethereal plane. I am now offering Pendulum readings for any and all who seek some guidance from the metaphysical realms, when it comes to smallest questions to the more pressing issues one can face in today's world. Contact me for info🌬✨

Traité du monde et de la lumière #TheWorld

Captured/captivated: Been living somewhat between worlds for awhile and it wasn't until most recently I have been able to get some clarity on where I stand and who I am. I stand as a being of the light, a maker of multi-dimensionality. An intuitive expresser. A seer of worlds within shadows of sorts, a care giver and caretaker of be-ing. A spirit who takes leaps and setbacks all from loves stance, and for the ultimate act of becoming meta-morphed through the elements that evolve me in this everlasting journey of wonder we call life. Nothing has ever stood quite still for me to grasp. Yet, these last years, my love for more than just fashion has led me to a path that cherishes the study of herbs, science, quantum physics, Vedic tradition along with western Christianity, and modern forms of Alchemy (even with fabric and design) I've felt completely connected to all on this quest, even through time and space, in the brightest skies and darkened corners of my depths. Ever silent within my times of isolation....This moment totally captures the reflection in which I've been able to find true love as a maker or designer or artist or whatever I AM. It is what I inhale. It is my yogic way of things, my Qigong, the body mind spirit work that is what makes my soul come alive and my body thanks me for its expression. It is my hope to share the transmutation of all these things in our world through the fashion or style I create. These times have been so harsh out in the world and I definitely am reminded how beautiful the world really is and humanity as a whole. So many wonderful people I've met and shared kindred moments with. Warriors and priestesses. It is amazing how this unseen air/force has in-hailed me into a new way of light being. I've started making some magic again and can't wait to share when its ready. One piece at a time, one stitch in time, all weaving a beautiful thread as my contribution to this world in the time I've been given. Hope you all are well, and thank you for even taking a second to read this, truly, I am grateful and thankful for you ✨#newCenter #freshstart #revelations #rainbowtribe #keepwalking #carebear

✨Let the music play ✨

🌙Moon dreams full of laser beams 🌙 doesn't take a uniform to be a Lion in this world... Or any other #playoffwords #fringelyfe #hopcatlady #alignedtrax

Moonbeams ✨Scrubbin bubbles #urbanbackyardigans

Metaphoria finds itself ✨

Pure Love and Muffins make ART.... MATTER! ✨💖✨

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