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Good Vibes and Dope Shit  5-Flyyku is haiku 🖋 7-From a Muthafuckin' Monk ☯️ 5-Just keepin' shit trill 💯 👉🏾Getcha Free Gift: Living the Lit Life 🌞 ⤵️


The key to creativity is being relaxed and lettin shit flow, and #weed is awesome for that! It helps me release mental inhibitions and judgements and let my soul flow like a mufucka! All my best ideas come to me when I’m high, characterized by how much fun it would be to do whatever it is! If it feels like a fun project go for it, even if it’s some outlandish shit! Smoke one and let ya soul glow 🕉😤☯️! #mmj #legalizeit

It’s cool to take #advice and direction from folks, but relying on someone else like that disregards your #intuition, and doing shit you don’t like to do just because it’s a good idea fires up friction and fucks up ya #flow. Instead of taking someone else’s word as law, take the info they share and strip it down to just the parts that resonate with you. Then you can integrate that into the way you do thangs and onto the path your inner-knowing is taking you down 🕉✊🏾☯️

The most powerful form of #selflove is to be ya muthafuckin SELF! Your #soul is tryna flow 24/7 but most folks are too busy givin’ a fuck about what people think or living in FEAR. Man dig this, FEAR stands for Figments Envisioned Aint Real! And the BEST part? Mufuckas who aint down will remove themselves from your life! And all you gotta do is be yaSELF! A 7-figure biz consultant taught me that one so it might be worth somethin 🕉✊🏾☯️

People so #proud to be #petty (#alliteration) these days! All that shit means is A) You let some other mufucka affect you mood and B) you contributed to the negative karmic cycle. They kicked out negative energy, you kicked it back, both of yall will be seein' it later! I'm confrontation af so I ain't tryna judge anybody, but one thing I work to remember is something my shaman homie @RxchG told me a while back, he who angers you is your God or some shit like that lol. And aint no muthafucka here my God, I mean yall cool but fuck all that! Resist the urge to react! It feels so much better to just hit em wit the #Namaste and get the fuck outta there 😏🕉✌🏾

If ya favorite #song don't compel you to move regardless of where you are it ain't your favorite song! And if you wanna move but you worried about what the next mufucka will say then you just got your shit all wrong lmao, when ya spirit wanna cut a rug (that's dance if ya ain't hip to the lingo lol) you gotta let it flow! Express yaself, even if you have shitty rhythm cuz fuck a hater, do what you feel 😏✊🏾🕉!

I can't #sing for shit but that's never stopped me from bustin' some ear drums or wreckin some classics lol! When you get a feeling to express yaself, to #dance or sing or run or climb a got damn tree go for it! Let that #energy #flow the way it wants to, that shit wants out! So next time you're ridin' and ya jam comes on give all the cars around you a show then tell em since they saw it they owe you some money 😏👌🏾😂

"The ideal of #love as out pictured culturally has enormously little to do with the actuality of love. The actuality of love as understood by the love scene we would bring you has much to do with the quality of expression in #frequency of the action of the Divine self as the creative self manifested in this realm. The action of love we would say is to be in love. And as one is in love, one creates from the aspect of the self that is love. That which is created as love brings forth good, and that which is brought forth in good creates good again and again and again" 🕉✊🏾☯

To challenge your #mind, learn and implement new ideas to create solutions to solve problems in yours and others' lives. To challenge your #body, push it to it's limits with #exercise and it will grow and adapt as necessary. As for your spirit, it's constantly being challenged by your ego. Once you understand that in essence you are an aspect of the Creator (or God or the Universe or Goonie Goo Goo or whatever tf you wanna call it) in form you'll understand your spirit CANNOT be challenged unless you forget who you TRULY are and identify with your ego and you CHOOSE to allow it to be challenged! Yall have a dope ass day and a dope ass weekend!

If I can't make money and enjoy myself in the process it ain't worth it! This entrepreneurial lifestyle has landed me some dope freelance gigs and promotional modeling is one of em! You mean I get to be myself, have a good ass time AND you wanna pay me?? Ayyye I'm wit it! #TBT, worked a women's half marathon in ATL dressed up as a half nekkid fireman, passin' out medals and hugs and dope vibes and photo-ops for the participants. AND I got to bust a muthafuckin' move lol, I do like to cut a rug (that means #dance ) from time to time 😏👌🏾. #Happiness is my passion and I sprinkle...nah fuck sprinkle, I dump that shit everywhere I go and in every thing I do! If you hate what you do then you might be in the wrong line of work! #passion

Aye...chill tf out! Laugh a lil more, set aside play time, do SOMETHIN' to get back to your true essence, which is that of a child. Explore shit, go climb a tree, learn somethin' new for the fuck of it, go PLAY got dammit 🕉✊🏾☯!

I'm a #fitness pro (NASM certified) and physically expressive muthafucka so I'm bout that action lol! Your body is what let's you move in this plane of existence and explore and experience life, and if it aint in workin order you're gonna have some complications! Shout out to Dad for breakin down the importance of a #healthy, working body a lil bit! Physical work is only hard if you aren't physically able to do it,! Shiiiit as you can see a #gym is optional (not for me tho I gotta get my squats in 😏👌🏾). Oh, and shoutout to long layovers for helping me get #creative 🕉🔥☯ lol!

"So now, hey, y'all, I'm trying to tell you
You gotta #love you
And learn all the #beautiful things around you
The trees and the birds
And if there ain't no beauty
You gotta make some #beauty!"
Earth Wind and Fire, All About Love #classic #music #nature #life! And it's easy af to make some beauty! Tell a muthafucka you love and appreciate them (be real about it of course) and the smile they give you when they light up and shift vibes is one of the most beautiful things to witness 🕉😁☯! Now get out there and make some muthafuckin beauty!

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