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Hello everyone! 🙋🏻‍♀️
How is your week going so far?
It’s almost weekend again! Time passes by too fast, like in time-lapse. ⏱
Here‘s a time-lapse video of the galley preparations for our first service in the Economy Class of our Boeing 777. It was recorded during a period of approximately 2 hours. 🍝
How do you fight jetlag? Which was your longest longhaul flight? ✈️
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Our world is a huge box of surprises. 🌞
I wish everyone a great day or a relaxing evening, wherever you are on this planet.🌏🌍🌎
Liliana ✈️
#sunrise #unforgettablemoments #approachingzurich #canttakemyeyesoff #favoritecolour #planetearth #wonderfulworld #glowingsun #morningsun #Switzerland

Hello folks!
It’s #superzoomsunday ! 🧐
Have you ever noticed how the wingtips of aircrafts differ from each other?
Besides the elegant form of the wings, these wingtip devices have a purpose: to increase the efficiency of an airplane and reduce fuel loss. ⛽️
There is a difference in air pressure below and above the wings while they generate lift. This pressure difference then equalizes at the wingtips: air particles underneath the wing move around to the upper surface (from high to low pressure), thus creating huge swirls of air which are defined as „wingtip vortices“. And this air vortex can increase the drag for an aircraft, therefore needing more energy and burning more fuel. ✈️
Wingtip devices can help to reduce the vortex and subsequently decrease the drag, since the wingspan is „extended“. The greater the wingspan, the lower the vortex and the drag.
In the pictures above you see 4 different shapes of such devices:
1. Wingtip fence on an Airbus 320
2. Blended winglets, also known as „sharklets“, on an Airbus 321
3. Canted winglet on an Airbus 330
4. Raked wingtip on a Boeing 777
However, how do such devices affect an aircraft? Is every device suitable for all aircraft types?
Wish you all a successful week! 🍀
#wingtipdevices #wingtips #aerodynamics #Airbus #Boeing #Airbus320 #Airbus321 #Airbus330 #Boeing777 #windowview #wings #winglets

Olá a todos!
Here’s a #throwback to a #deadheadflight I experienced en route to Fiumicino, earlier this month. What a magnific view over the alps, don’t you think? 🏔
Even if a flight may seem to be running smoothly, something may occur very unexpectadly: #turbulence. It simply is a part of flying.✈️
Just like the sea gets stormy, there are “obstacles” in the sky which are not clearly visible to the naked eye.
There are various aspects of the weather which cause different intensities of turbulence: light, moderate and severe turbulence. The most common form is CAT, Clear Air Turbulence, and it can’t be detected on the radar. Jet streams (known as narrow and fast moving currents of air), the terrain (like mountains) and thunderstorms (cumulonimbus clouds) result in this kind of turbulence. It is due to the wind shear, namely the sudden change of wind velocity and/or direction.💨
Primarily, turbulence can dangerously affect the safety of the passengers and of the crew in case the seat belt is not fastened or any other items in the cabin such as luggage and galley compartments are not properly stowed.
This is why “For safety reasons, you are required to keep your seatbelts fastened, whenever you’re seated.”💺
Can you tell me what the turbulence of an aircraft’s wake vortex is?
I wish you a relaxing and sunny weekend!🌞
Greetings from Unterägeri,
#swissalps #cloudsurfing #airbus #mothernature #safetyfirst

Show us your favorite photo of Pula, our next destination in our SWISS Magazine in May. 🇭🇷 Just post it on Instagram or Twitter with #flyswiss_magazine and #flyswiss_PUY or send an e-mail to swissmagazine@swiss.com. We'll publish the best pictures on the preview page in our upcoming issue. #flyswiss #pula #croatia

Bonjour tout le monde! 😊
I hope you‘re all doing fine!
So, what is travelling without experiencing the local cuisine? One can also discover a lot about another culture and region by the palate!
Herewith I introduce you our new First and Business Class Menu on intercontinental flights: „The best of 15 years of SWISS taste of Switzerland“. Since 2002, more than 60 guest chefs have created exclusive delicacies, incorporating various swiss products from their respective canton. 🥕🍎
During spring, our guests can travel back in time (visiting all corners of Switzerland simultaneously) and taste some of the favourite dishes which were served until today. One of the two first courses of the Business Class menu is the Balik Salmon with horseradish cream, created by Chef Andreas Schwab in 2015.
One of the four main courses, the Alpstein chicken with PX sauce and truffled polenta, made by Chefs Sebastian Zier & Moses Ceylan in 2016.
And we will offer you two desert options! The one pictured above is a Fennel seed financier with elderflower mousse, created by Chef Thomas Neeser in 2017. 🍰
Comment a traditional swiss dish or desert below!
We wish you all „ä guete“!
#Intercontinentalflights #longhaulflight #businessclass #menu #swisstasteofswitzerland #happyanniversary #15years #gourmetfood #swisstraditions #traditionalproducts #bonappetit #enjoyyourmeal #gutenappetit #buonappetito

Say hi to HB-JNJ! After passing by the Matterhorn our 10th Boeing 777-300ER arrived safe and sound at Zurich Airport this morning.
This special ferry flight from Seattle was undoubtedly a unique experience - not only for our 48 guests but also for our LX Delivery Team and Cabin Crew.
#flyswiss777 #boeing #welcomehome #flyswiss #aviation #777300er #switzerland #zrh #matterhorn #swissalps #crewlove

So many ✨highlights ✨on the Ferry Flight Trip of our 10th Boeing 777-300ER in Seattle!
After an awesome tour at the Boeing Factory in Everett, the day was crowned with a very first inspection of our brand-new HB-JNJ thanks to our LX Delivery Team. 😍
A huge thank you to @boeing for having us and of course to our amazing Delivery Team who did a great job preparing our baby for her Ferry Flight from Seattle to Zurich tomorrow! 💪🏼💕✈️ #flyswiss777 #boeing #777 #ferryflight #onceinalifetime #everett #seattle #aircraft #queen #zrh #seattle #aviation

Remember the arrival of our first Boeing 777-300ER two years ago? Next week, our Triple Seven family will welcome its newest member! ♥️
Follow our Instagram Story to see how we’re taking possession of our 10th aircraft from the @boeing Factory in Seattle, followed by the delivery flight to Zurich. ✈️💕✌🏼#flyswiss777 #ferryflight #777300er #boeing #newaircraft #seattle #aviation #onamission

„I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.“ - Louis Armstrong (What a wonderful world)
What a big small world, full of wonders and with a radiating beauty.
It‘s simply incredible, what we human beings were and are capable to achieve and construct in this world... What do you think of, when you look out the window?
Enjoy your weekend! 😊
Grüsse aus Berlin,

In celebration of International Women’s Day, an all-female SWISS crew flew LX 974 from Zurich to Berlin this morning. To brighten our female passengers’ day, there is a sweet surprise for them on selected flights. #flyswiss #ZRH #TXL #IWD2018 #InternationalWomensDay #InternationalWomensDay2018

“Ladies and gentleman,
Please stow your fears and negativity under the seat in front of you, as the space in the baggage racks is reserved for positivity and happiness only. For safety reasons please note that it is not allowed to place any doubts or preoccupations on the seats, near the emergency exits and in bulkhead rows. Thank you very much and enjoy life!” 🌞
Dear companions, 🎒
I hope you had a successful start into the new week!
The most important thing about flying is the #safetyonboard. It is a major key to be informed about what to do in a serious situation. Certainly, we Cabin Crew Members are there to guide you, it is our duty.
Since there are numerous aircraft types, the respective safety precautions and equipment vary from each other. ✈️
Can you tell me some of the differences?
Yours sincerely,
Liliana 😊

#airbus320 #A320 #safetyfirst
#yoursafetyisourbiggestconcern #travellight

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