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Q U A I (K-Why)  Romance novelist/ Sr. LPGA hopeful/ Churro inventor/ Wilhemena-Delaware/ Walmart cover model/ 310 via 801 🇮🇹LA✌🏽️❤️& 🐼s WWDD www.gofundquai&

Insert wanderlust quote... South Africa you didn’t disappoint 🇿🇦

‘We cannot take the lamps that light the way and carry them with us’.
Paulo C☮️elho - The Hippie ✌🏽
I hate planning. I despise expectations. Life is more enjoyable when you expect nothing and take risks. Let go and head towards the next light at the end of the tunnel and just hope it’s not a semi... and if it is, just roll with us cause it makes for a great story!

Die with memories, not dreams.

And there you’ll see me holding up my middle fingers to the world

What rhymes with Dubai? QQQQQQUUUUUUAAAAAIIII!

Sometimes life will fck you... it’s on you to change positions and enjoy it #quailessons #lifelessons #insteadofsayingwhyme? #isayfuckingtryme

I mean, you say ruin like it’s a bad thing 💁🏻‍♀️

“WYD” is like a trick text... it’s just baiting you to answer. Like what are you really after? And how quickly do I have to come up with an excuse? .
Lolololol like I even look at my messages💁🏻‍♀️ #openingmyinboxgivesmeanxiety #soidont #sourrrryyyy

Let’s all try this today..... here I’ll go first🙋🏻‍♀️

Pulling hair during sex is old. Take her wig off and put it on your head. #winewigwednesday

Things I typically hear after I visit Utah....
1. Remind me never to let you watch my kids.
2. Your friends are hot.
3. Your bro is hot, is he single?
4. Who’s the blonde, is she single (that’s my bro’s wife)
5. How does your family deal with you?
Legit, same questions errtime. And I’m a fcking angel you assholes, that’s how!!!!

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