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Q U A I (K-Why)  Romance novelist/ Sr. LPGA hopeful/ Churro inventor/ Wilhemena-Delaware/ Walmart cover model/ 310 via 801 🇮🇹✌🏽️❤️& 🐼s Influencer of 3 people

Let’s keep all calls to a minimum and texts under 200 characters today. Thank you in advance for your kind understanding. Fcking Susan and I have important shit to do obviously #creedII #dancemoves #gameofthrones

“To find oneself, you must first lose oneself” .... **Goes to Joshua Tree, gets wasted, decides to go on an “adventure” at 4:30am and ends up lost in the desert.... same thing.
#samesame #stillhaventfoundwhatimlookingfor #u2 #joshuatree

This whole having a job thing is really getting in the way of me living my best life.

Amateur night is vastly approaching us. Watch out for fck boys wearing mistletoe hats or hoes in sequins prancing around w a mistletoe fishing rod.... #notmyrodnotyohoe #staywoke #nye #plt #amateurnight

The Q&A session has concluded

Santa and I have a lot in common. We both eat food that is left out unattended... yup that’s about it🎅🏼

“Did you dye your cuticles?” - The dumbest girl in America.... .
No bish, it’s call hot Cheetohs and happy hour was about to end. It’s called priorities....learn about it

Cause it’s only around the holidays you can dress up like a tinsel glitter fairy and have it be considered “festive AF” as opposed to “tacky AF”

Right here shoogs🙋🏻‍♀️

My next relationship is going to lead to either a wedding or a funeral. Imma let him decide tho. Like, “You wanna wear white or black boo?”

2033 is gone be my year, I can feeeeeeeeel it!!!!

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