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Venisha Warren 

We’ve been living in our home for almost 6 years and this is the first year I’ve taken advantage of the garden that’s been here since we got here. It was full of weeds and a dumping ground for sticks🤦🏾‍♀️. Let’s see how this journey goes🥦🍅🥒🥕#FlyMomsCook #gardening

I had big plans on taking a few family pictures today because we were kinda coordinated & I wanted to take a full body picture since RARELY am afforded the opportunity.....but after Omega spilled juice all over himself while we were out, this is all I got😊😩🤦🏾‍♀️....HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, LADIES💐do something nice for yourselves this week if you haven’t already! #Flymomscook

When the “cook” is wondering what’s for dinner?😂I did bake some chicken last night for tonight’s dinner😩but you know that feeling when you’re over EVERYTHING but you want something good?🤔😩 #flymomscook

Not too long ago I was buying a shrimp & krab salad from a local seafood store way too much to not try and make it on my own😩 I’m going to post in my instastory the ingredients I used #flymomscook

When you turn last nights dinner into this mornings breakfast😋 #flymomscook

Watch my Instagram story & take the poll about an ingredient that I add to my salmon croquettes. Let me know if you been on or if you think it’s nasty🧐 #flymomscook

Shared this on my IG story....I’m sure they are easy to make homemade but when I saw this in the store I rolled that cart back quick😭. #flymomscook #flymomshare

Sunday brunch #flymomscook

Last night....late last night. If I want to eat something different, I just wait & do it after the kids are sleep. I’m TRYING to make better choices😩. It was worth it though, I ate it with no fork🤤 #flymomscook

Any one else interested in my Mac & cheese recipe? I make Mac & cheese two different ways (I’ll share the difference with the recipes) but first I need to know if anyone else is interested #flymomscook #recipes

HAPPY RESURRECTION SUNDAY!!!! Lambchop loins, macaroni & cheese that I made last night (& ate some), and cabbage. Enjoy your loved ones today!!! #flymomscook

Super quick meal last night | orange roughy, asparagus + onions all cooked on my stovetop grill pan with a little teriyaki sauce drizzled over it. Next time I’m adding mushrooms. Would you eat this with or without the mushrooms? #FlyMomsCook

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