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Who’s mom had/has one of these roasters? A few weeks ago, my brother sent a meme to me that said “Whenever you seen this pot, you know whatever in there is about to be FIRE”. Yes, our mother had one and still does! When I told my brother I needed one, he bought me one & shipped it to me😆! So for dinner, I’m making one of the meals my mom made us in her roaster pot, turkey, potatoes, & carrots, with cream of mushroom gravy! #FlyMomsCook

I didn’t cook tonight but my husband & I experienced our very first parent teacher conference for Emery this evening. She received her first report card & got straight A’s!!!! Although we are always very proud of her, I’m extremely proud because she struggled with reading initially. Her problem was getting her to focus & not be frustrated when she messed up. What worked for her (because I tried a lot) was consistency - as with anything, the more you do it, the better you get. I started having her read/try to read something everyday. I put notes in her lunch that are 3-4 small words that she can read around her peers (which boosts her confidence even more) and she brought her reading grade up from an F to a C to an A! I know as parents we are so busy trying to do and balance so much but just a little bit of consistency goes a LONG way! #FlyMomShare

Every person big & small in our home is either coughing, sniffing, or both😞. It’s time to make our famous “tea” that everyone can drink. I use just under a gallon of water (enough to fill a large pot) bring the water to a boil, turn the stove off, add sliced lemon, oranges, ginger, and this time I’ll add a few mint leaves. Put the top on the pot and let it steep. Add lemon in your cup & ENJOY #FlyMomsCook #KidFriendly #ForEverybody

It’s been a while since Emery & I have baked. I’ve been dying to make @jemofthesouth’s sweet potato donuts and we did - and let me tell you, they are sooooooo GOOD! Emery was complaining at first cause she thought they were going to be nasty because of the sweet potato (she thinks EVERYTHING is nasty before she tastes it). She ate them plain without the icing😂. Then we added icing & she loved them even more. I only drizzled a little icing over them just to cut down on a little sugar and although I bought pecans, we didn’t even add them😩. This recipe is a must-try, very easy, & kid friendly. The donut pans I ordered from Amazon came just in time too! #FlyMomsCook #KidFriendly #SweetPotato #Fall

Listen, when @jemofthesouth drop the recipe to the sweet potato donuts....I will be all OVER it YOU HEAR ME👀 #FlyMomShare #jemofthesouth

When I purchased my new crockpot from @williamssonoma I peeped the cutest spatula designed by @questlovesfood for the @nokidhungry campaign, it's the cutest & it's for a great cause! #FlyMomsCook #FlyMomShare

If you follow my personal page @daintyvee, you saw that I have been in kitchen organization mode like CRAZY! Cleaning out drawers & finding a new use for them, re-organizing, throwing away things that should've been thrown out a long time ago🤦🏾‍♀️. Things accumulate so fast and I just woke up one morning and went IN! I'm still not done but seeing this picture (not my pantry....I wish) is giving me the motivation I need to KEEP going! I've learned I won't find every clear container I need in one day but I'm not letting that stop me. #Fly#FlyMomsCook #FlyMomShare

This may not look too interesting or appealing but as far as breakfast & lunch for the kids, my week is DONE🙌🏾. Emery only eats pb&j sandwiches for lunch, her fruit of choice for the week is orang slices & blackberries 🤷🏾‍♀️, she has a new love for string cheese, & I split 2 small bags of chips inside 4 snack bags to cover this week & the juices are not pictured😂. For breakfast, Omega likes tater tots & Emery doesn't so all of his tots, sausage & bacon are in snack bags. Emery likes pancakes or waffles in the morning so we make hers in the morning. Leaving out at 7:15am every morning is so much easier! Happy Labor Day, I cooked but I didn't BBQ😄! I hope you enjoyed your holiday! #FlyMomShare #FlyMomsCook #MealPrep

It has been exactly one month since our family, along with my cousins family took on Disney World with a total of 5 kids (4 of them 5 & under🙃) My brother also came on our 2nd park day! I did SO much research before we went to make sure we experienced & enjoyed as much as we could. I will share more in depth in a different post but here are a few tips: •Download & get familiar with the #MyDisneyExperience app •If you are traveling with small children, rent a stroller from kingdomstrollers.com. They deliver & pick up from your hotel. Even Emery rode in the stroller when she got tired. At the end of the day it helped to have rented a stroller from an outside company vs. the park because we would've had to return it when we left & we had two sleeping kids when it was time to go. •You can bring your own food into the park! (Learned that from @foodallergymama 😉 THANKS)

#FlyMomShare #DisneyWorld #kingdomstrollers

If you watched my #InstaStory the other day, you saw that I'm back in the crock game😂...I cooked a beautiful roast Monday evening & I played with the settings on the crockpot all night😩. I have been watching this crockpot ever since I saw it on another mom's page & when it went on sale (50% off!) I hurried up & got it! It can steam, it has a rice setting, brown, as well as crock❤️ oh, annnnd the insert can go on the stove😉 #FlyMomsCook

It's one month until Fall AKA "official" crock pot season.....and guess what? I'm in need of a new crock pot because I completely DAMAGED this one🤦🏾‍♀️. Here's the story(I'm so embarrassed): I placed the removable pot on the inside on the stove to heat up what I had already made.....and it CRACKED!🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ WHY I didn't just heat it up IN the crockpot, I have NO idea😂. Oh well, maybe I was due for a new crockpot anyway🤷🏾‍♀️😬 Rest peacefully in crockpot heaven!🙏🏾 #FlyMomShare

#TBT Teach them while they're young! There are so many ways to let them help around the kitchen. #FlyMomShare #FlyMomsCook #KidFriendlyActivity

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