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Tara  A warrior's mentality with a poet's soul

Now, it seems to me some fine things
Have been laid upon your table,
But you only want the ones that you can't get

The thing is you skate on the side then you get confident and then you let go and that's when you fall

How must it be to speak to people day after day and to know that they do not understand?

I don't feel sad
I don't feel anything

Even my tears , laugh at me

"If you think you have a choice to make, make it
And sometimes it takes tremendous amount of courage to listen to our hearts , and really do what our hearts tell us what we have to do , what's right for us
And sometimes it means changing lives around and doing things that going in a direction you never imagined before
But it takes tremendous amount of courage to listen to that inner place , because the whole world is telling you to do this, do that, and all kind of stuff
It's all pulling us out of ourselves, and to have the courage to listen and then to act on that inner longing is something very important"

"Courage is really a big thing"
'In my life a few times where all I had to save me was just the memory of him saying that ,
There's no possibility of courage,
There's no possibility of action,
I was completely lost
Completely drowning
But I just had the barest memory of him saying that
And sometimes it was enough to keep me at least my head above the ocean that I'm holding on from drowning'

It's some unseen, unheard stories

"May you dive deep into the ocean of bliss"

"The world's great sea in its wrath seems shrunk to the puddle that fills the hoofprint in the clay"

"where do you go when house isn't a home "

How this used to feel so far and free
Now these broken souls are all I see
Fists have fallen to our side
We may cry alone, I feel we know where all of this is headed

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