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5 Tips for Chironomid Fishing:
"Chironomid fishing is a very particular game. One fly size too large, a few shades too dark or a foot too far from the bottom are small imperfections that can impact results. Tip 1. The Fifteen Minute Rule. Tip 2. Shiny Bugs Means Fishing Shallower. Tip 3. When Strike Indicators are Crucial" -Jordan Olerich of @interiorflyfishingco
Presented by @scientificanglers #FishTheTruth
[LINK In BIO] for full article #RocheLake #Flyfishing

@enohammocks Presents: The San Juan
“Who takes a hammock fishing? Seriously. Have you ever brought one along? It had never crossed my mind but, I was down to throw one into my bag to see how it fit into my fishing routine on a recent float down the San Juan River. ” [LINK IN BIO] for the full article from @benjamin_kraushaar and his recent adventure with an @enohammocks #flylords #enohammocks #sanjuanriver #rainbowtrout #floatfishing #winterflyfishing #tailwater #enonation

A fall brown trout with the reel to match! Having a blast matching these hand painted @abelreels to the fish. #AbelReels #CraftedForChaos

@flyfishingfilmtour Behind The Lens: Alignment
“We posted up in northern British Columbia all winter, it’s a pretty ideal place for steelhead and for snowboarding. We definitely found steelhead for sure, but the reality of winter steelhead fishing is, it’s brutal. Especially up in the north. And it’s cold, your guides and your reels are frozen all the time. You do much more just being in the environment than actually catching fish, and really it’s not about the act of catching and holding a fish – that’s just a bonus. It’s more about just being out there and getting to experience where these fish live.” We sit down with the legendary @ejackshreds to talk about his latest film, playing on the big screen now with @flyfishingfilmtour.
[LINK IN BIO] for our full interview with Eric!
Angler: @curtisciszek
Photo: @darcybacha
Video: @vantagedigitalmedia
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10 Tips for Fishing with Your Kids
“My son bursts out “Feeeeeessshhhh over there daddy!” I spun my head around and while I did not see an actual fish, I was proud and stoked my son Kingston was into the activity of the day!” Jason Paez @finsandtwins the father of 4 year old twin boys Kingston and Mason, is an avid angler based in the mountains of Colorado. Jason has somehow found a way to successfully take his boys out on the water with him and here is how: Tip 1: Snacks, Tip 2: Breaks, Tip 3: It’s Not All About The Fish [LINK IN BIO] for the full feature from @finsandtwins PC: @loether #flylords #kidsfishingtips #takekidsflyfishing #flyfishing #trout #rainbowtrout #teachakidtofish

Valentines Day Sockeye:
“I couldn't belive what I was seeing through my camera monitor when I caught these sockeye salmon forming a beautiful heart shaped school.
This pond where sockeye spawn may have several of these "pods" consisting of a couple dozen to over a hundred salmon. These pods seem to form when the pond is fully saturated with redds and spawning fish and it's thought that these sockeye salmon form these tight schools in spawning ponds right over locations where springs feed into the system. Here the water temperature would be constant and cool, and oxygen content would be at its highest.” @jasonsching
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Behind The Brand: @rentthisrod
Meet Brian and David, the minds behind Rent This Rod - a new business where consumers have the opportunity to rent high-end fly rods and fly reels not normally available to the rental market. [LINK IN BIO] for the full feature and to find out where you can rent your next fly rod!
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The Cosmoledo Atoll, is the ultimate saltwater destination, with the sheer variety of game species from giant trevally, bonefish, milkfish, indo-pacific permit, and triggerfish. The folks at @alphonsefishingco have recently opened up a land-based eco camp, providing anglers with the perfect balance of luxury and adventure. We caught up with @keithroseinnes the man behind the operation to learn more about this new eco lodge. [LINK IN BIO] for the full interview. #flylords #alphonsefishing #seychellesflyfishing #seychelles #cosmoledoatoll #cosmoledo #triggerfish

Flylords caught up with @cameroncush to talk about his recent short film @chasingnativesfilm, where he and fellow angler @marcosmzzl set out in search to chase ten native species across the west in fifteen days.
Flylords: What do you hope viewers will take away from it?
Cam: I think our biggest goal is that more people will find an appreciation for the native species that call this country home. Everyone gets hyped up for the big browns and bows, and I’m not complaining either. But our little and sometimes not so little natives deserve some love and as I always tell people, there’s something special about catching something where it belongs.” [LINK IN BIO] for full interview. #flylords #flyfishing #chasingnatives #cutthroattrout #nativetrout #goldentrout

Wes Hodges hooks into a smallmouth on the New River. Throwing big poppers for these fish will never get old @scientificanglers #FishTheTruth

NONPROFIT SPOTLIGHT @sealegacy — started by world renowned conservation photographers @cristinamittermeier and @paulnicklen — with the goal of conserving and protecting the oceans through their powerful pictures and media campaigns. Open-net salmon farming is an ongoing issue that has a variety of negative effects for wild salmon populations and associated local communities. SeaLegacy continues their efforts to restore historic wild salmon runs and rid beautiful British Columbia of these harmful open-net salmon farms. [LINK IN BIO] for the full article on SeaLegacy’s conservation efforts #flylords #turningthetide #getfishfarmsout #sealegacy #wildsalmon #salmon #flyfishing #wildfish

“It was early morning, the blue wing olives started popping off which led to my client Gary getting a good case of Bentrod-itis… Somewhere amongst the action, I glanced up to find a gorgeous sunrise unfolding to our east. It was about time for us to move upstream to the next spot and I couldn’t help but notice some spider webs covered in dew. As I line up to take what I felt to be the perfect shot, my client Gary simultaneously walks into the frame of the web and added the cherry on top of an already epic shot. There is something magical about capturing the essence of what you see with your naked eye through the camera lens…and having that photo touch peoples lives. Photography is cool and fishing is even cooler. I dig it!” [LINK IN BIO] for full article from #flylords #flyfishing #browntrout #photoofthday #trout #fishingphotography

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